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Crimson CHOW #12 - Jamie: Evil Incarnate FINALS
Post your finals here!
(Please refer to WIP thread for complete rules: http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-6650.html)

-Only ONE submission per person
-You may vote for as many entries as you like

Deadline is Thursday, July 30 @10pm GMT

[Image: tumblr_ns6pyuohUw1uziqf7o1_1280.jpg]

I went with the 'artificial intelligence created for the purposes of studying the nature of evil' idea after all. Not all that original in terms of concept, but I think the lighting works pretty well at least.

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im scarrrrrrred

ps thansk amit back there ;)

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70+Page Koala Sketchbook: http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-3465.html SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits! http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-7879.html
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Great job Lodratio! I really like where you took the theme - completely out of the box, *high fives!*

So what I took from the passage:
Jamie is in fact a baby boy who has been neglected by his Mother- who isn't exactly the best parental figure (wine, wine, wine and shine, depressed alcoholic, "feverish desire to die") - 

Jamie was comforted by a spirit who looked after him while his mother did her own thing. Then, one day, after a drinking episode, the Mother decided she'd strap on a baby carrier and become the parental figure she should have been... but alas, it was too late. Baby Jamie's "guardian angel" - if you will - took charge of the youngster and spoke to the woman in a grizzly, demonic voice -- head rolling in the carrier as he crippled the woman's psyche. 

Soon, the spirit became an incantation...
... it loomed over the Mother's frame - forcing her to live in a cycle of unrelenting anxiety and fear.

Fun theme, I tried to stick with the passage a bit more, purely because I want to get better with problem solving real briefs like this from clients.

No refs used. About 12ish hours. :/ 
My thoughts:
I know, I skimmed over the hands because I'm a... a... a... pussy still. Though I prolly shoulda used refs - screw it, I'll just study hands more and go from there in the future.
I really can't paint jeans from head. Need to study this. Need to study a lot of things, but this first.

**I'm tired of my paintings looking metallic. This will hopefully be fixed after the Schoolism course I'm taking**

Also yeah, Jamie's head is meant to be Exorcist like.

Very much open to crits. I wanna git gud.

Congrats to all the Daggers that participated! Lord Shia commends thee! o/

Nice! Great job finishing these up all of you gals and guys! Will there be a next one?

Good question, meat.

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Yeah, an update on the next one would be great.


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There will be a next one <3

We need a theme + passage for CHOW #13 - shoot me a PM if you have an idea and I'll post up the thread!


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