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Hi everybody!

I am seeking for a book about animal anatomy for artists... I found some books on "how to draw animals", but they all have an approach that I don't really like. That "step 1 circle, step 2 circles, step 3 elephant"

I'd like a book that shows all the actual muscles, and also break them down into groups. Something similar to Hampton's book on human anatomy.

Well... I'm not limited to books, any kind of resource will be really appreciated.

Thank you so much!

Personally, I can recommend "The Art of Animal Drawing" by Ken Hultgren! It's a good book and it covers a lot of different animals. I'm not sure though if it's anatomical enough for you, but I know that Dover publishing has a variety of books that cover that topic. Click here for an overview.
As far as I can see, for every book there's a google preview so you can check what suits your need. I saw they also have a book by Gottfried Bammes. I own one of his books on animals, in German though (it's a good book, very detailed, but not always easy to find your way into, at least for me).

I have the impression that these books are often reprints of older books. So if you want to have something that's more up to date, maybe someone else has some other suggestions! (:


An Atlas of animal anatomy for artists by Ellinberger, Dittrich, and Baum
Animal Anatomy for Artists by Eliot Goldfinger
Animal painting and anatomy W.Frank Calderon
The artists guide to animal anatomy by Gottfried Bammes
The anatomy and action of the horse by Lowes de Luard
Viluupi has some animal drawing stuff, and also Mike Mattesi has a drawing animals with force - not so much anatomy as gesture drawing

I've not read them all.. there is also one in gutenburg, which is animal anatomy as related to human anatomy, can't remember the name, it's very technical, but really good if you understand human anatomy well (which I don't)

+1 Cyprinus: that book is really good :D

There is also a book by elliot goldfinger that is pretty good

and there are courses by marshall vandruff which are amazing
Personally I'm using Ken Hultgren's The Art of Animal Drawing at the moment, but if you want similar to Hampton's figure drawing book, check out Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals, and .... this one book in Russian that I can neither type out or search. It's by some German dude and it's in English as well. I just somehow bought the Russian version for an arm and a leg. It's brown with a tiger profile on the cover.

For what I saw the Hultgren and Goldfinger's books were the ones that did catch my attention.

The Hultgren's has some really nice break downs, but it lacks the anatomical side that Goldfinger's have! I'll search for both of them!

I've searched just around local bookstores, and my results were at best terrible. I might need to import those, but it looks more than worth it!

Thank you so much guys.

also its probably worth noting that these really only cover mammals in any great depth, the rest you will just have to google for.
Try this one as well - it's a free gutenburg book,
It's very technical, and covers all kinds of animals in relation to human anatomy, I've only made it part way through the book because it's quite hard reading, but as I understand human anatomy more I feel it will be well worth revisiting.

Before you buy and import anything, try learning from free previews:

Try this:

Havent read this book just seen the preview but it looks awesome check it out

Mammal Anatomy: An Illustrated Guide
Anthony Jones officially recommends Weatherly's book just now. *serious nod* Combine that with this:


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