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Hi, my name is Armando. Trying to improve.
Critiques and comments welcome and appreciated.

[Image: sargentstudy.jpg]
[Image: gestures.jpg]
[Image: gestures2.jpg]
[Image: 1.jpg]
[Image: 2.jpg]
[Image: 3.jpg]
[Image: caesar.jpg]
[Image: cast.jpg]
[Image: orange%20wall.jpg]
[Image: salamanderstudy.jpg]
[Image: salamancer3.jpg]
[Image: salamancer_by_midknight23-d4qhzo8.jpg][Image: sad_face_by_midknight23-d4m7ppt.jpg]
[Image: embers_by_midknight23-d4m7ptx.jpg]

[Image: bug.jpg]
[Image: squirrel%20study.jpg]
[Image: sketch.jpg]
[Image: naus.jpg]
[Image: etain.jpg]
[Image: snowy.jpg]
[Image: sunset.jpg]
[Image: water.jpg]

[Image: kurt_wagner_by_midknight23-d4ryztx.jpg]
[Image: kilowog_by_midknight23-d4s4kl2.jpg]
[Image: selina_kyle_by_midknight23-d4s0ff5.jpg]
[Image: toad_with_mohawk_by_midknight23-d4s1you.jpg]
forgot these. roughs of crap i'm working on.
[Image: blocked%20path.jpg]
[Image: dwarf2%202.jpg]
[Image: leafar.jpg]

Attached Files Image(s)

[Image: tower_study_by_midknight23-d4xo0l3.jpg]

[Image: still_life_study_by_midknight23-d4xo0h4.jpg]

[Image: silent_hill__by_midknight23-d4xo0d8.jpg]

[Image: soaring_benaus_by_midknight23-d4tnxzg.jpg]

[Image: blocked_path_by_midknight23-d4tny32.jpg]

[Image: sorceress_by_midknight23-d4u8svw.jpg]

[Image: tikal_by_midknight23-d4uxprx.jpg]

[Image: nineveh_by_midknight23-d4wnou5.jpg]

[Image: the_cook_by_midknight23-d4wisnf.jpg]

[Image: 1_by_midknight23-d4v8ywc.jpg]

[Image: 2_by_midknight23-d4v8yt0.jpg]

[Image: 3_by_midknight23-d4v8yqo.jpg]

[Image: 4_by_midknight23-d4v8ymw.jpg]

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wicked sketchbook man !

thank u for the comment

Rembrandt study
[Image: rembrandt%20study.jpg]

personal stuff
[Image: ajani_by_midknight23-d4yzp34.jpg]

[Image: isfahan_by_midknight23-d501dmb.jpg]

[Image: erythraeum_by_midknight23-d4ztlep.jpg]

Man that tiger it´s awesome!

thanks for the kind words
[Image: rogues_in_the_house_by_midknight23-d51apg9.jpg]

Gorgeous works man! keep them coming!


random pages
[Image: %201.jpg]

[Image: 2.jpg]

[Image: 3.jpg]

[Image: tarshian3.jpg][Image: 111.jpg]

[Image: -1.jpg]

[Image: -2-3.jpg]

[Image: -4.jpg]

[Image: -5.jpg]

personal concepts
[Image: the_hermit__s_cave_by_midknight23-d5cowd0.jpg]

[Image: av.jpg]

[Image: avalanche.jpg]

rough costume concepts done for a client. done a few months ago
[Image: heavy%20archetype.jpg]

[Image: heavy.jpg]

[Image: light%20archetype.jpg]

[Image: light.jpg]

[Image: ranged%20archetype.jpg]

[Image: ranged.jpg]

[Image: ranged2.jpg]

Oh, you were already posting here! Saw some of this on conceptart, good to see you here and awesome work man.

Btw did you vote yourself 1 star or something, haha. Seen a few people do this, makes me think I should take out the star rating system.

yeah heh

[Image: eyeless.jpg]
[Image: s1.jpg]
[Image: s2.jpg]

texture study. might push them more
[Image: pot.jpg]
[Image: iron.jpg]

crappy Cyclops doodle
[Image: scott_summers_by_midknight23-d5dfn78.jpg]

Nice work here, keep pushing it. Pencils for comics look really good.

Thanks, iCi, for dropping in and the comment!

Went back and worked on this some more
[Image: erythraeum_redux_by_midknight23-d5earrx.jpg]


Liking your art, I have one suggestion for tightening up that last image. Sometimes if I create a painting and it looks a little too soft i'll apply a photoshop filter to it. Usually drybrush or watercolour. My other suggestion is adding more atmosphere to the photo. What I tend to do is make a new layer in photoshop and either use a solid color or a gradient of 1 color. Then i decrease the opacity or change the type of layer to soft overlay or something (whatever looks best). In your's i added a light blue gradient from the bottom up, and added a watercolor filter (settings are brush detail: 14, shadow: 0, texture: 3). The reason I thought a blue gradient would look good was it "cooled" the rocks down and made the water a bit more watery looking, and was a nice contrast tot he hot sun/sky. I'll post a picture of what it would look like. I can also send you a photoshop file of what I did if you're interested in looking at it. Sometimes the filters look good, sometimes not, just go with your gut. You could also just sharpen the entire image or areas that need it.

[Image: armandoy.jpg]

Uploaded with

wow, craploads of work! awesome! i'd say maybe try some painting studies from life and such to work on your material rendering.

nice sb, like your pencils and the last environment!

[Image: armor_by_midknight23-d5g24lt.jpg]

[Image: pot_by_midknight23-d5g24o4.jpg]

[Image: green_eyes_by_midknight23-d5g24td.jpg]

the comic stuff is great! i really like those pencils.

thank u

[Image: hulk_vs_superman_by_midknight23.gif]

wow awesome sketchbook you have going on here, such great variety and clever imagination! good stuff!


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