Anime you're watching?
Re-watching 3x3 Eyes. (just picked up the comics this week too.)
First saw this when I was about aged 9, late night ITV channel 3. Waking up in the middle of the night waitin for it to start at 3:00am. Love the manga art-style in this show...
Nice thread.

Been binging stuff from okiura and anything norio matsumoto has been involved in (their sakugabooru pages are good reference), rewatching Miss Hokusai like a maniac. Saw Tale of Princess Kaguya and Children of the Sea recently, which made me dive again into Igarashi's stuff. Few days ago had my bimonthly rewatch of Angel's Egg. Mentally preparing to finally watch Magnetic Rose.

Dunno what the last new show I watched is but I've been rewatching early one piece highlights (pre- Ennies Lobby), those eary Koizumi designs are some of the best stuff ever


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