Which Wacom Tablet - different models
Hey guys,
I wanted to go digital and so I had to decide what graphic tablet I should get. Wacom tablets seem to be the most popular.
So I checked their site and I am amazed by how they hit a new user with hundreds of model-names and dont explain what the main characteristics are and why there are always lots of models of the same type and stuff like that.

I spent some hours on their site and on the internet to learn the characteristics a bit.
And because I was so disappointed that there was no good overview for someone new, I made one.

So, if you are thinking about getting a tablet, but you dont know which model to choose or what the difference between those Wacom models is, watch this overview:


My website: (available again soon)

My Youtube Artwork-Channel:

My Sketchbook:

there are many differences within those like sizes and features. Wacom has the actual specs listed on their website that compare sizes, pen pressure, and such.

for example :  One by wacom has less pressure sensitivity 2000 something and no buttons, and intuos Art / draw model has more pressure sensitivity 4000 something with 4 buttons it also has bluetooth model available.

I recommend a XP-Pen graphic drawing pad , I use The Deco Pro .  the Large size and tilt /  pressure senstivity  is way more reasonably priced than I expected.

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