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Quote:I also did some master study and I hate these. Even more than before. I had really nice sketch going on and then I started to add colors and everything went downhill. And as you can see, I just didn't finished this. Like I do with every digital piece, nothing gets finished.

If I may give you a piece of advice, maybe it's better to downsize a little bit on the master study. Like take just a section of it, like the most interesting or captivating part, so it won't be as overwhelming or tedious.

Or just knock it back down to just doing a value study so you don't have that extra pressure of figuring out the colors on top of working out the values.

You can always turn the painting you're copying to grayscale by proofing colors on PS, that if you're working on one.

Good notes and insights. Keep at it.

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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Thanks John! That Photoshop article was really useful. I have to try that master study part thing. I know that these master studies are useful, but it's hard to force myself to do them.
I found drawabox. Started from beginning, I find exercise helpful, but lesson part not so. At least ellipse degree part was little wrong. But that's was just because I'm "mathematical person," and everything must be mathematically proofed and correct.

I find that my degree is useful in drawing. I have to study physics and that also included how light works. And that is really useful in different light types, shadows and general understanding. Math is also quite useful, it's makes perspective really easy thing to remember, for me at least. I have also studied technical drawing, so perspective, projections and things like that are familiar to me. Sadly that my English is totally crap (dyslexia and being Finnish means horrible accent), because it would be nice to share these things.

But back to drawing things... I made some drawabox exercise. Most on paper, but some digitally. I find my line accuracy be quite good. Which may indicate that my problems lies more in observation and lack of fundamentals. Plane exercise is made with cintiq, others are traditional. And those fuzzy lines are because my technical drawing pen wasn't suitable with paper.

I had quite productive Saturday. 

I did some drawabox exercise and noticed that my ellipses are quite... all over the place and definitely not where I try to aim them. I used Cintiq again, despite drawabox advice against it. I find my ellipses equally horrible on paper and cintiq, so I find no point to use paper. And with cintiq, I can take 3000x4000px canvas and fill that up. I zoom to 100% when doing these exercise, so I can really get good flow and many ellipses on single "paper". And I just quick export them to png and I don't even save the psd file. With traditional paper, I find myself stopping just after one page.

And then some monster design, that anatomy is really off. I also did fast monster thumbnails, but one monster turned out to be shoe. But that isn't the first time, that middle of monster design I drew shoe. Like one of my friend have said about my drawings, that he know it's mine, when there is spikes on everything and random shoe.

Study dump. I have been focusing perspective and value for couple days. Feel free to point any mistakes, especially those sneaky continuous errors.

I have been drawing, but not posting here. Mainly, because my drawings wasn't studies.
But now I have completely new problem. Before there wasn't anything that I was good or comfortable to draw, so I happily made studies and drew different things. Things have changed. Now I can draw faces well, at least they look humans. And that caused me to getting stuck with them. I haven't been drawing anything than faces. Every time I open my sketchbook, I draw face. Without shoulders, because I can't draw anatomy at all.

And I'm going to build myself study schedule, because getting stuck drawing one thing is really bad. Especially if its head floating in emptiness.

But, my latest finished art, in watercolours with limited palette.

hey! building a schedule sounds great! I wouldn't worry about getting stuck with faces. You can never draw enough of them I find :)
I like haircut and the piercings of your last drawing btw :)


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