Tfantoni's Sketchbook
Hello there! :D

I'm Tais Fantoni and I would like to share with you guys some studies I started this year.

English isn't my native language, so sorry any mistakes!  Tongue

Here's a couple of Master Studies based on Noah's Art Camp.

And my first full one

Welcome Tais! Like you studies. I'm planning to work on Noahs stuff as well, so I'm really interested to see your progress. Keep it up!

(01-09-2016, 04:42 AM)miracoly Wrote: Welcome Tais! Like you studies. I'm planning to work on Noahs stuff as well, so I'm really interested to see your progress. Keep it up!

Thanks a lot, miracoly! I'm finding it pretty insteresting - now I know how gray can be SO important in a painting :D

So I kind of shamely stopped to follow the art camp and had made some minor studies sparsely (including some sketching here and there in my sketchbook). It's really difficult to keep an art routine for me =|

I then recentely painted this, from 'before walt disney'

And made a little birthday gift for @Sulamoon, my art goddess hahah <3

Welcome! nice studies but try to concentrate on drawing more, keep up the good work!

@Hobitt thanks man! Ironically I only realized how important your advice are when I find some old paintings of Caroline Gariba after watching her talk to ICONIC event on drawing people (in which she said essentially the same thing you did)

Soooo here's a sample of what I drew recently, most of them based on Loomis' methods.

Hello again. Here's some studies which most of them are based on Robertson's book about perspective. Oh well, I think I sucked a lot in these ;p

Now I decided to focus on anatomy stuff. This time I'm using Prokopenko's videos on figure drawing and human anatomy. Here's one of the results: 

Then I couldn't resist to draw some portrait based on his demos:

Thanks to Proko now I totally sure how I still really really suck at drawing, lol. Back to the studies.

Oh, I almost forgot to post some of my painting studies. Bouguereau before/after grid >_>

And some stuff based on Sam Nielson's assignments for his lighting course. The third one was made without refs.

@Sketchosoph thank you very much for your kind words!

For some reason I couldn't access the forum for a while (it appeared a 522 error everytime I tried), so now I have a lot of things to upload here xD but first! I would like to ask some feedback to you guys about the week 1 assignment I'm doing for Nathan Fowkes's course on pictorial composition. It has been way tougher to paint than I thought and I'm pretty unsure if my copies are right so far, lol.

I have no idea what I'm doing in this one >.>

Portrait I just made to practice edge control and value arrangement, which is heavily based on the wonderful @sulamoon's experimental portraits <3 <3

My newest portrait, this time for a dear friend of mine and writer, Aline Valek <3

Hey everyone!

So in the last couple days I've tried to make a little comic experiment with two planned pages which the story was created by my sister a while ago. BUT as you can see, I've striven to do the first environment scene which is this very rough drawing so far:

(funfact, never drew vehicles before that, lol)

My goal then is to practice a little more using Norlin's book, Perspective Made Easy. Generally speaking I'm liking it pretty much, it seems a good way to go back to fundamentals (and I guess it's a little more friendly to get start than Loomis' book - which I intend to read it too)

Some little copy I just did by eyeballing while applying somethings I recently learned. Not sure if it worked at all, hahaha I still don't know to draw irregular stuff like that ceiling. But I guess it helped me to *feel* pratical perspective.

Something I almost finished a while ago. Drawing is from Sam Nielson's "Lighting for Story and Concept Art" course, in which the first assignment is to paint the same pic using four different processes. Not sure if I'll stick with this one hahah

Hey there! here's some of the stuff I've been doing in the last couple of days. I know, nothing pretty exciting to see xD most of them are based on Draw a Box exercises.

Hell yea constructional drawing.


well you certainly aren't lazy! lol
I'm excited to see some of your imaginative work for all that study-crush-mode! ;D
I know most of these are assignments, so you're probably pretty busy, but I'd recommend a copy figure, turn in perspective, do one from imagination. It really helps get the solidarity of form in perspective. atm. some of your figure's forms are a little droopy I think do to the problems foreshortening presents by wrapping around the figure and that exercise really kills that.
Way to crush it! Seems like you're on the fast track for success! I Look forward to developing along side yah! ^_^

@Heliux hhahaha thank you, really! your suggestion is interesting, I'll give a try eventually.

So there's a ton of pages I still have to scan, but for now lemme show you guys what I did yesterday :p it's Kami(kaze), my avatar when I used to play Shadowrun Dragonfall/Hong Kong. I miss my free time :(

Some composition studies. The first ones are ideas I had from imagination/memory, and in the third one I'm thinking which scene is best for a possible portfolio piece. I have a little story in mind, but nothing too fancy. =P


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