Voss Daily Sketchbook
Hi everyone,

I'll start by introducing myself...

I'm a 19y/o student from Wellington New Zealand. I have always had an interest in art but only started practicing regularly around 2 years ago. In an attempt to accelerate my progress I gave myself the challenge about a month ago to produce a sketch or painting everyday for the nest year. And this is mainly what this sketchbook is about...although I hope to post other work too.

If you would like to support me on social media you can follow me on Facebook (where I post everything) or on Instagram (where I post most of it)

I'm currently up to day 37, wish me luck :)

Day 37! Trying to push myself to introduce more story orientated images.

Some quick drapery studies from this afternoon, a struggle, but satisfying!

cool to see them all in one place! :)

 YouTube free learnin! | DeviantArt | Old Folio | Insta
@Amit Dutta Thanks, I thought I'd spread from facebook a bit :)

Day 38!

Wow great work here :)

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