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Hey, guys. 
My name is Jackson, I'm 19, living in SoCal.
I really want to get into the video game industry - I want to make an indie gaming company - one day, but right now I'm just trying to get better at art, so I'd really appreciate any feedback you have for me.

These two images were from yesterday.

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I know the anatomy is off in the first one, but I'm really looking for any feedback about how to improve the painting aspect of it. I feel like the saturation of my highlights and skin tones don't really make sense.
Hey dude! welcome to the group :D

i think your next step is to start filling up your sketchbook so we can see more of who you are and the work you want to produce

Alright let's try this again. Here's some more recent stuff:

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Just a bit of a background, I want to get into concept art for the gaming industry, and I'll be attending the Brainstorm Concept Art Academy in about fifteen days.

I'll try to start uploading more often. :P

All critiques are welcome!

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