Pavel's Sketchbook
Hello guys, my name is Pavel. 

I decided to join you because I get really inspired by hard work you do.
My english is not the best, but maybe this is another thing I need to practice. Lol   
I want to keep this sketchbook updated daily!

[Image: Pavel-Baghy_Bridge.jpg]
[Image: Pavel-Baghy_Swamp.jpg]
[Image: Pavel-Baghy_Island.jpg]
[Image: Pavel-Baghy_Shipwreck_1.jpg]
[Image: Pavel-Baghy_Shipwreck_3.jpg]
[Image: Pavel-Baghy_Carriage.jpg]
[Image: Pavel-Baghy_Castle.jpg]
[Image: Pavel-Baghy_Castles.jpg]

Some illustrations for card game
[Image: Pavel-Baghy_drop-bot.jpg]
[Image: Pavel-Baghy_Ravanil-Fale.jpg]
[Image: Pavel-Baghy_Bunker_Patrol.jpg]
[Image: Pavel-Baghy_Piratess.jpg]

Still life, (lol it's from 2014)

[Image: still_life_by_grone32-d7jnyjy.jpg]
[Image: kindle_still_life_by_grone32-d7frnm5.jpg]

Studies from yesterday, need to do more today!
[Image: 1801.jpg]
Hello, today studies :) I really need to improve.

[Image: 0119.jpg]
[Image: 0119_2.jpg]
Today studies. :)

[Image: 0120_2.jpg]
[Image: 0120.jpg]

that last study is simply stunning Pavel, I'm envious :P

keep it up and thanks for dropping by my sketchbook :)
Hey man, I'm here for the same reason you are, the dedication people show around here is amazing! :D You're off to an awesome start with your sketchbook here. Keep up with the awesome studies, and keep working to improve your imagination stuff.

I can't wait to see the progress you make man!

"Drawing is a skill like hammering a nail. You might not be great at it yet, but there is nothing stopping you from gettin' down and hammering away." -Irshad Karim

Woah that last still life is pretty cool.

Thank you guys! :)

[Image: 0121.jpg]

[Image: 0121_2.jpg]

Gestures (2min) are really bad, I must probably increase time tomorrow. But silhouettes are always fun to draw!
[Image: 0122_2.jpg]
[Image: 0122.jpg]
[Image: 0122_3.jpg]

Finally finished self portrait and one shitty sketch from imagination with no ref..
[Image: 0123_2.jpg]
[Image: 0123.jpg]

YES! That big lighting hand what puts all attention is right in the middle... I will probably change it tomorrow. I have hard time right now with daily updates, but cannot miss day, so just something quick.

[Image: 0124_2.jpg][Image: 0124.jpg]

Hey Pavel, great start! I love those figure studies you posted earlier. Keep it up!

Thanks Maggie!

I didn't have much time today, so just to keep that habit!

[Image: 0125.jpg]

I enjoyed these so much!
[Image: 0126.jpg]

Fantastic sketchbook Pavel. You have some pretty awesome painting skills already I'd say! Looking forward to more mate.

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

Thanks Artloader! This is really encouraging for me! 

It was pure joy today :D

[Image: 0127.jpg][Image: 0127_2.jpg]

I forgot to save today's gestures. Save? No... R.I.P

[Image: 0128.jpg]

No joy today...

[Image: 0129.jpg]

I want to do something else tomorrow, probably paint something :D
[Image: 0130.jpg]

Hey man, nice stuff. You latest gestures are really good, very fluid. If you do more and more of those your figures will become epic :D
Along those gesture studies I'd suggest some structure studies too. Like some basic body proportions and anatomy.

Hi, thanks! I will definitely want to study anatomy,proportions etc. in near future, but I feel like I must find a way to apply it in order to learn it and keep it.

[Image: 0131.jpg]


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