My Sketchbook - Keep going, keep drawing!
Hello everybody and thank you for visiting!

I draw daily,but if it's not digitally, i collect them all and upload at the end of the week.

I also have a cA sketchbook , where i posted most of my work up until now,
And also a dA account , with mostly older work i did.

See you around!

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Some more of my drawings and studies.

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And the last few I did this year.

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Your studies looking nice, now let's see some application!
Very nice range of studies and styles. Bold colour work. You might want to look at how you depict differing materials, and how they react to light differently. Some things are looking as if different materials are made of the same thing. Just something to think about going forward! Keep it up!

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Hello! Great start on your sketchbook! If I may give a little bit of advice on what to watch out on your live model drawings.

Aside from thinking about the overall shapes, gesture, and anatomy, you could also watch out for line weights. It's a very subtle detail that makes your study piece have that extra boost. You could establish the shadow side of the form by giving your lines a thicker line, while thinner when it's near the light!

You drew in the chairs! Which is an added bonus! Some people get straight into the figure and don't bother with the props. I believe it's equally as important to draw them in.

Keep up the awesome work!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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Nice sketchbook. But most I like your colour work.

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@Pax i'm not sure how i should do that, but i did do the pink flower with droplets after i did the snowdrops, and i was constructing droplets from memory. and also i drew snow white, which had only a disney cartoon reference for pose and clothes. do those count?

@Amit Dutta you are right! i tend to neglect material/surface studies, mostly because i want to get better at rendering the surface to a smooth finish. i'll have to pay more attention to that, thank you.

@John i'm always so happy to receive advice, please don't hold back! I'm glad you liked my chars haha, i liked drawing them in, and i like putting the figure in space,not letting it float around. Those are some good figure studies i did a while ago, and did have some line weight to them, now i'll have to regain that and get even better at it. Thanks for pointing that out, almost forgot about it!

@Mysticsonyaa thank you for your visit! i'm happy that you like my drawings

And here are this week's studies. Sorry for the bad quality of the images, but i don't have a scanner. And i waited for that part of the day when i get the best lighting..but i don't know how to make them any better. 

They are mostly 60 sec figures. I want to get my certificate! 
The ones that have an "i" and a number mean they are from imagination, no reference. Mostly done after finishing the reference drawing.

First one is a sketch study after one of artgerm's drawings from his livestream. I'm bad at drawing pretty faces and line weight, so this helped me figure out some things. I think i'll do more of these and then apply more. (The girl from the page with the key is from imagination, after doing artgerm's study.)

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For your gesturedrawings, perhaps give yourself some more time so you can get more familiar with it and once you get more comfortable you could try to do them faster. That used to help me when I did them. For the rest of you studies, I love your coloring!

Very nice studies here, you have a variety of different subject matter and you pull them off quite nicely. Very impressed with your value work, specifically. Keep going!

@BrushNoir - thank you for the advice, yes, i am thinking of doing them slower, and a few untimed ones too. but for the quickposes certificate you have to do them in 120sec tops. and i didn't have much time to draw this week, only 30min a day, by doing those.

@cgmythology - thank you very much! i am quite bad with values actually, especially if i have to start in color arrr >_< i forget to concentrate them halfway thought lol

I'll start by adding the digital work i did this week and i'll update with the traditional stuff later.
I've redid an older portrait from 2013. Not much has improved, and i want to change that! Though i  am satisfied with how i draw hair now yey!
And another hair and gems, and values studies.

I also thought of some ideas for the Crimson Crucible, but i don't know..i don't like any, and i don't know where to start really. Im really bad at designing from imagination.

Here's what i thought:
1. House Negrea - GoT era -male character with Alex Negrea resemblance.
     -flag (open winged beatle)
     -clothes (medieval europe)
     -pet (black panther)
     -"spring is coming"

2. GoT character redesign -Egipt/ Asia?
Character preference:
- Littlefinger - modern days: bartender - scene with depressed drunk confiding
- John Snow - modern days: artist - sculpting in ice
- Tyrion Lannister (Imp) - modern days circus clown
- King Robert Baratheon - greek (god?) / OR/ modern days - at the beach 
- Khal Drogo - modern days: zoo keeper -scene with animals at the zoo
- Daenerys Targaryen: tea ceremony
- Sansa Start - modern days actress at work -costume+props scene /OR/ -Cleopatra

3. Joann Snow -switched gender?

And i tried doing some thumbs for the Khal Drago - zoo keeper idea. I'll keep looking for ideas..

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Hello! Sorry for the absence, been busy with my bachelor degree and working as well.
Most of my work I can't show, but here are a few that I can.

Mostly went towards graphic design and working with products.


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