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Not going to be able to go full force this month, but my goal is to at least do some clothing studies, portrait or animal studies and get closer to figuring out visual storytelling atmospheric lighting.
Since the 'genre change' section of this challenge focuses more on environments than it does on characters, and I'm not so sure if these ideas are acceptable as illustration entries, feedback would be appreciated as to how compatible they are:

Noire: The great houses of Westeros are Mafioso families which are part of a huge Mafia organization. The scenes that I can think of off the top of my head, which might be well suited to showing what a faction might look like in that context would be Tyrion shooting his father in the bathroom or a a variation on the red wedding.

Redwall ripoff: One thing I could focus on would be designing the Spider as an actual spider, or Daenerys as a mouse and her dragons as birds of prey of some kind. They'd probably have to be phoenixes if the "mythical fire beast" theme is supposed to be there, but maybe that'd be too much. Fire breathing bearded vultures might be an alternative.
The idea I had for this initially was doing the scene with Arya practicing swordfighting, but it would probably be difficult to make it game of thrones-y enough to be recognizeable.

Another possible route would be a big city in Westeros, or maybe the wall redesigned as being populated by animals of different kinds, but I think that would be very time consuming and difficult to get right.

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(03-14-2016, 05:19 AM)Lodratio Wrote: Since the 'genre change' section of this challenge focuses more on environments than it does on characters, and I'm not so sure if these ideas are acceptable as illustration entries, feedback would be appreciated as to how compatible they are:
Well if you got such impression, that wasn't our intention. You can focus on the character with the genre redesign one, you just have to make it interesting, innovative but at the same time recognizable as the GoT IP.
That idea of Mafia redesign is interesting, certainly the scene of Tyrion shooting Tywin would be interesting :)

The Mafia idea is great! I can really imagine that translating Tywin's death scene into that would work very well.

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Both great ideas!
I like the redwall idea a little bit more, maybe just use mouse-sized dragons?
or they could actually be animals of their house logo?
I think you can really go to town with the redwall idea. It could almost be like the mice behind the walls are mimicing the humans of the house or something. I think you can make it games of thronesy no probs, just with the house sigils and the clothing, weapons or some of the architecture landmarks would be enough.

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I like both dude. I do feel intrigued by this idea of making them animal counterparts of the characters, there are some interesting avenues that could be pursued. Go with what you feel will be the most fun in your gut. That tends to lead to the best work :)

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Id love to see a mafia version. But go with the most fun one, you are gonna spend many hours on this so it would be great if it is something that is fun to you.

Awesome ideas. I personally would love to see a spider, I'm just fond of creatures! But, certainly, do what inspires you most of all :)

Hehe, would you look at that, you're tied between the two options, just as I am. I started out trying to make the mafia idea work, but after a while I started thinking that animals might be more fun.
kazenodino Tiny dragons could be nice... I just figured I'd need to transform them for some reason, but you're right, that isn't really necessary.

Here's an idea for a composition. On the bottom right I tried to figure out the colorsheme, but I still haven't given it too much thought to be honest.
In case it isn't clear, it's Daenerys throneroom during an audience. It's not as exciting as I'd like, and there might be something more interesting in it if I take some more time to think about it.

Trying to figure out fur and facial structure and expressions for animals and dragons.

At one point I painted this to try and see how this kind of lighting situation might work: a room with ambient light and a strong light coming from outside. Needless to say, it's pretty bad. Time for some studies I guess.  

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Studies for ambient light and strong direct lightsources.

I went back to my first idea because the other one wasn't working out, and tried using curvilinear to show Tyrion confronting his father and the outcome of the preceding scene in one picture. Not too happy with the distortion, but composition wise it's alright. After the framework was set up I tried to  impliment observations about lighting I made from the studies into it, which made a surprisingly big difference!
I haven't been able to spend a whole lot of time rendering out details yet, so if I don't get it to a finished level by tomorrow I'm not sure if I should submit it.

Edit: Rendered a bit and made some adjustments to the perspective

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Haha! what a way to go. The perspective works fairly solidly...not huge issues. If you submit whatever you have you will definitely get a final crit from Piotr and I to help you to take your piece to finish. We will be doing a separate crit stream to the judging where we will go over all submitted entries.  Push it dude.

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I like the new version even better, good thing you were not afraid to go back and do it.


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