CC 1 GoT: Crackedskulls whips
lol, dont tempt me Amit

I might make some changes to them Lodratio, but I doubt it, kinda have that "its done" feeling. But thanks for the advice :D

Ffff, this is looking SO COOL! I love his bald head. And his scars. And his beard. And everything really.

For me, it does look very neutral though; I'm wondering if there's a way to throw in a subtle dash of color to spice up the mid tones? Maybe some violets or brighter blue greens in the shadows.

LittleUlvar on DeviantArt is really good at tossing in colors to really make a piece pop, if you wanted to see what I mean:

Really loving the piece, I'm excited to see the finished one!

DeviantArt YouTube | My Books and Comics

Thanks for the advice, I did threw some saturated tones, but I was afraid of going overboard, since the character should fit in to the northern GoT universe and its all dark desaturated armors there :)


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