Jade's WIPS
The lighting's off. I don't know how to fix it because the light source is too complicated for me.. If I may suggest, when things get overwhelming, I try to make things simpler to digest. I imagine the figure as simple shapes (like cylinders, spheres) and figure out how they look if they're lit in a certain way and go on from there.

And like Amit and Bjork said, studies won't hurt!

You got this. We still have a few more days left. Anything can still happen. Let's stick through this til the end!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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Don't give up. I feel frustrated all the time, my whole art journey is 90% frustration and 10% success, which is probably not what how I should approach that. Try having some fun, do some chilling studies to help you understand certain things better and persevere. good luck!

Same here, I feel frustrated very often. But sometimes I'm having fun even if the result doesn't look good :)Studies are usually much less frustrating for me than drawing/painting from imaginaton. Don't give up Jade, you can do it!

@neopatogen, so true!

Just keep going and you will progress :D

Thanks everyone. That means a lot. I am going to get this done! >=)
keep pushing JadeStar.... we learn more from our failures then we do from our successes...

Ive learnt so much doing the CC challenge and mainly on all the weak areas that I need to focus and study at, which is a good thing....

a few more days and we can all breath a sigh of relief and start pulling out our hair the next challenge lol...
I pushed real hard and started over. Fixed some anatomy problems I had. I'm sure the more experienced can see any issues that I cannot. I may have one more chance to tweak it if my little one would go to sleep. lol.The reason this was such a challenge for me is because of the lighting. I've never done an image so strongly lit. I mean I wanted the light right on top of her with some atmospheric light from behind so it wasn't a fade to black kind of picture. This challenge also made me realize that I never draw bgs lol. I really need to do that more. 

[Image: 12900996_852356024891924_5619001089570616651_o.jpg]
Great work,  loving the colours, I think the BG is working, might just need a few sharp edges here and there, a little more refining and your almost home, great job
Love your grit!!!! You pushed it out, and with a little dragon of your own to look after too. Pat yourself on the back big time! :)

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