PJ's CC 1: GoT Game?
So far I managed to narrow the spectrum of my ideas to 2 that I like the most (for now). The problem is I'm a very indecisive person and I don't know which one to choose yet.

2 options are:
Return of the Stark (Eddard as Iron Man on the Iron Throne)
House Negrea - either a character of full environment.

Below some reference I gathered.

I'll be streaming my struggle on Twitch this week starting tomorrow 7 PM GMT 0

Feel invited to tune in. Any crits are welcome :)

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i like both ideas, but putting a power armor/mech in the asoiaf/got universe sounds awesome!

Cool idea! I hope you do something with that frog riding the beetle haha.

haha yea Im with EduardoGaray sounds pretty cool, and yea that frog rocks big time.... cant wait
The double pun of Eddard Stark - Tony Stark, and an iron man on the iron throne is already a strong enough foundation to carry that illustration. I wonder if you're going to go with the standard iconic shot of the iron throne that's used in all the posters, or if there might be some other way of framing it. I'm not sure where exactly you want to go with the House Negrea, but the frog riding a beetle also sounds fun.

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Hi Piotr, Some cool references, I think mixing iron man with GOT is a little obscure but if you can pull it off, go for it! Look forward to seeing whichever direction you go with it.

Thanks guys!

So after quite a few hours of (maybe a bit frustrating) exploration I think I've finally settled on one idea. It's still very rough thumbnail, but hopefully it's enough to convey my vision.


Going live on Twitch today 8 PM GMT 0. Amit might join me for a talk.

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Nice update. Great use of colors, spring comes out really well.

Beautiful colours! I liked the iron man idea first but seeing the latest one it looks really great!

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Awesome contrast between the snowy mountains in the back ground and flowers in the foreground. Really sells the tone of "Spring is Coming".
Thanks guys :)

Below the wip from the stream. I'll probably stream tomorrow as well.

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Really good armor design. Also there is a cool contrast between the knight and the flowers. But the piece doesn't look like it's from the GoT world, maybe because of the color palette that is too vivid, I'm not sure though.

Good point, it's a bit too much saturation around I guess compared to the show. There are however colorful places such as Highgarden. I'm a book reader so I guess I look at it more form the readers perspective. Thanks for the crit.

Looks awesome! May be a bit much saturation, but it definitely has the spring feel, so I think it works. Hopefully I can catch your stream some time.
(03-21-2016, 03:03 PM)Piotr Jasielski Wrote: Thanks guys :)

Below the wip from the stream. I'll probably stream tomorrow as well.

you are killing it piotr 
it's started to look like aplibot card illustration
BTW some depth of field will be nice
and the sword is grabbing more attention or its a WIP you already knew it.

what stands out me the most is the cool armor design. well aside from all those LSD colored flowers.
so yeah same thing, too much saturation. maybe lowering the contrast at the background?

This is really really awesome, my gosh! I really love the crazy bright flowers, it definitely sings "spring is coming" haha. Though I agree with KurtJeremy, maybe lowering the contrast of the background will help the knight stand out more. For me, my eyes go right down to the flowers and stay there. Perhaps you could bring up the saturation on the armor, in the parts where it looks like there are multicolors, and make look a bit like lapis lazuli?

It's looking fantastic though... really great work!!

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Hey guys. Thanks a lot for the feedback!

I planned to finish it by yeasterday but some stuff came up and I wan't able to (that shows why having a personal deadline few days earlier than the ultimate deadline is so good for you).

I'll take your advice into account and try to chanege some stuff. Later I think I'll do the stream with final polishing.

So I've tried to apply your feedback with moderate success. There are still some things I need to fix, but it's close to what I want I guess.

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