BD's CC 1: GoT Game? WIPs
Some ideas for the Crimson Crucible, but i don't know..i don't like any, and i don't know where to start really. Im really bad at designing from imagination. And i tried doing some thumbs for the Khal Drago - zoo keeper idea. I'll keep looking for ideas..

Here's what i thought:
1. House Negrea - GoT era -male character with Alex Negrea resemblance.
     -flag (open winged beatle)
     -clothes (medieval europe)
     -pet (black panther)
     -"spring is coming"

2. GoT character redesign -Egipt/ Asia? 
Character preference:
- Littlefinger - modern days: bartender - scene with depressed drunk confiding
- John Snow - modern days: artist - sculpting in ice
- Tyrion Lannister (Imp) - modern days circus clown
- King Robert Baratheon - greek (god?) / OR/ modern days - at the beach 
- Khal Drogo - modern days: zoo keeper -scene with animals at the zoo /OR/ -Cowboy 
- Daenerys Targaryen: tea ceremony
- Sansa Start - modern days actress at work -costume+props scene /OR/ -Cleopatra 

3. Joann Snow -switched gender?

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If you have difficulties in designing stuff, I would suggest simplifying your problems by doing a redesign of a character that already exists. Avoiding option 1 which is making up a Character from scratch.
though you still need to design stuff on some point and what better way to start to learn how to design stuff, is by taking an existing character and redesign it bit by bit.

What about fairytales, I saw a snow white piece in your sketchbook. Perhaps you can redesign a GoT house based on a fairytale story?

Keep up searching for ideas. I like how wide you are going thinking of changing up a lot, including gender (not many have cottoned on to that possibility, a Joan Snow might be intriguing though if it is redesigning a culture as well it might take it too far from being recognizable).

Sometimes good ideas will come together through lots of iteration. You could also try and make your search visual, ie do it through drawing. I know that might be hard if you aren't comfortable doing lots of stuff through imagination. So USE reference. Pump up your visual library. I am sure many of the best designers don't just wing it without using reference even if they can draw "from imagination"

A way I do this is at the start of most projects I will always gather reference photos and make a mood board of the design ideas / colours / setting /atmosphere that I am inspired by for the subject and that might be useful. Sometimes a particular reference sings to me, and things develop from there. Good luck!

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