Zombie's CC1 WIPs
I gotta admit that while I wanted to try this, I was really struggling yesterday with coming up with some thumbs. Even tonight I tried to get back to it, but it was only after I looked through everyone else's stuff and left some critiques did I start to get really fired up and motivated to work on this. :D

So far I just have thumbnails, and I think I'm gonna do the alternate genre/culture. The first few thumbs were for the fake House but since I didn't have any designs for it, they didn't work out very well. I like the last four best, and am leaning towards either Geisha Dany or pirate Asha/Yara Greyjoy. Probably Dany, though, since she's more of a major character and Asha/Yara is already half pirate anyway, ha.

[Image: cc1thumbs_zps824thipt.png]

Up next: a mood board, more thumbs, and some studies. Woooo!

Nice, getting curious to your pirate piece :d

I like Geisha Dany idea, hope to see more sketches if you choose this option!

Thanks for the tips, guys! I didn't get to do too much on this today, but I did make a mood board! I still can't decide on Dany or Asha, but I think I'm leaning towards Dany?? Any suggestions?

[Image: 1_zpsu4tjqt3j.png]

Nice one Zombie.
If you are having trouble picking, go with Daenerys, she is more recognizable and iconic, so it will be easier.

My suggestion. Pick one soon!
11 days left...that isn't a lot of time :) *Friendly scare tactics.

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I agree with Amit. Plus as you've pointed out, Asha looks a bit like a pirate already. I must admit I wasn't sure about geisha Dany idea, but then I saw your refs and it seems very appealing now. Good luck!

Oh, I like the Geisha Dany idea! I don't think I have seen any Geisha's with white hair, I'm sure that will be really cool.

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