AD CC 1 : GoT Game WIP
I think the green looks the most sci-fi, but man, that red looks bad ass. Almost demonic in a way.
Love the idea and result so far, but I'm gonna point back to your first thumb, this final needs more of the masks in plain sight to make the concept punch!

Hey man, top down view bothers me, I think it places too much importance on the floor
and other useless elements of the illustration, with another angle you could get
better mood. Something more character focused.

so good man. :D
I usually love the green/blue palette of your illustrations, 10/10 in terms of aesthetics for me haha.
So i would love to see the green or blue ones getting refined. I like the composition, Liberty makes some good points but, in this case i believe the environment is (or can be) pretty much another character.
Like you said, just put some details that say "GOT" here and there, and maybe something else to reinforce the relation between the character and the background and you are golden.

Your illustration is goung to be awesome! I prefer the green palette and agree with Eduardo on GOT details.

Cool stuff Amit, really good use of the 3D to quickly churn out ideas, comps and colour palettes. I think the second colour pallette works best with the blues and hints of green. I don't think I've heard of daz studio but blender was very good from what I tested of it a while back, some of the open source softwares have really shown what can be achieved and the fact they give them away for free is awesome. Looking forward to seeing more of this! You could use the bottom left of the image also to fit in some sort of GOT easter egg.

Hnnngg Amit, you are sooo amazing! :D It looks so freaking awesome!! You know, I'd never even really heard of Photobashing before I met you, and now I see it everywhere. It just didn't penetrate my tiny circle of experience, haha. Your colors and the way you use your tools are just so good and problem-solvy.... I really love your stuff!

I'm really feeling the second comp in your latest update, with the blues, and the red comp also is fantastic. The red gives it that dangerous feel. The blue however gives more of a melancholy feel, which I think is what you're going for in this one.

Can't wait to see more!

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