Black Phoenix CC1 : GOT Wip's
Hi All

Heres my first wips, turns out I'm going away for Easter, so its gonna be touch and go for my final, but I will do my best.
Some cool work here from you guys I think I will be better on the 2nd round though tbo lol.

My GoT idea:
So I wanted to get a bit dark on this one, and due to that I'm sculpting more these days I wanted to do another 3d into digital piece.
My concept is a White walker version of Joffrey Baratheon, I pretty much figured the walkers will eventually get to kings landing and will bring some much hated characters up from the dead to be hated once again!
And the young king was a perfect fit for the idea.

Still heaps to do but you get the idea...

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Haha this is awesome. Good job on the sculpt. PUSH IT HARD. XD

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So great, I hate him more already. Well done!
That is new to me! I'm excited to see the final version!

This looks pretty dope, looking forvard to seeing what you do with the rest of the body.

Welcome :) Great idea, and you are really good at sculpting mate. Keep pushing!

I must admit the idea is awesome. The sculpt is really nice too, you could work a bit more on the ps rendering though.

Well looks like I wont make the finals, too many anatomy issues I needed to fix before the photos were taken. And I now know I cant complete finals away from the studio. Lesson learnt lol
But here are my last wips...
Will plan better next challenge

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Even if it's not finished, you can still post it in the finals thread. We plan to do a crit stream for all the final pieces with Amit, if you're interested.

I will finish the piece as I dont like leaving unfinished works. 

Well done everyone. The finals submitted are a good start to the crucible challenge.

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