Crimson Crucible ANNOUNCEMENTS Thread
Amit is finally done with geting rid of his house (he burned it with napalm) so we can schedule the judging stream.

CC 7 judging stream with Gosia Arska will be around 09:30 am UTC,  Wednesday 14th Dec.

Hey all, an update after a while of radio silence during the holidays.  

Unfortunately, Piotr and I have decided to end our involvement with the Crimson Crucible until further notice. 

For me it has been an incredible learning experience that has helped me grow personally as well as give me new confidence and abilities to organise and arrange things of this nature that I might not have thought I could have before. 
It was an eye opener to me how open and approachable, even the so called "big names" were, when we went hunting for judges.  For the most part, the people that responded to our requests were incredibly enthusiastic, supportive and a joy to work with during the judging and gave so much more than was asked of them in every instance. Our heartfelt thanks to them for supporting us and being a part of it, and inspiring us personally once again in our chats.

We really enjoyed seeing how the community became a bit more alive again if only for a little while in a small way , and thank every single person who supported us with their work and their entries, even if some may not have made it to finals.  Seeing everyone help each other was even more heartening. This was the true gold that was uncovered in my estimation.  There is a sense of belonging and family that comes from communities like the daggers, which we really felt during our streams and the challenges. 

A big shout out to Dennis and the other mods who helped us with setting up and updating the social media, and Mariyan for giving out the award badges for participation.  Please if you get the chance smash that Paypal donate button top left of the forum under the banner. Dennis is too much of a principled and nice guy to push obligation onto anybody, but I am not. EVERY little bit helps keep this site up and going. It's not free to run.  It takes hundreds a year. If you have gleaned even a little bit of value from being a member, please consider giving back a little. You might pay hundreds for prerecorded tutorials from one single perspective of artistic technique out there. What is a community of people working together and helping each other worth? Don't take it for granted.

I truly hope that somebody new will step up and try their own thing to develop themselves, and create value for others within the community.  

I want to shout out to Vandall getting the CHOW up and running again recently and getting some great momentum with it.  That's exactly what the forum needs, more go-getters who want to give back and get some more communal activity going. I'm happy to help anybody who is wanting to get something else going whatever it might be so just ask away!

CHOW's are up and running weekly/fortnightly at the moment, so get stuck in!!

Is this a final sign off for CC? Well I can't say for sure, they might pop up again in the future if circumstances dictate, but for me I am probably signing off and onto new things. 
Will still be around the traps, I haven't managed to get CD out of my system just yet. :)

Amit & Piotr

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