Crimson Crucible ANNOUNCEMENTS Thread
We thought it will be more efficient to keep all the CC announcements in one thread you can subscribe to, rather than make a thread each time. So if you're interested in CC - SUBSCRIBE!

You can also check our twitter
and blog

All streams are live on my Twitch channel:

You can view them on demand there or on Amit's YouTube channel

First announcement!

We're going to have a crit stream for every CC01 GoT Game entry 8:30 PM UTC 0 (20:30 London time) on my twitch channel

The quality should be better than yesterday.

I hope you guys are resting up after the madness of CC 1, because It is about to be ON. Crimson Crucible Challenge 02 Annoucement live stream will be at the following:


9 PM (21:00) UTC +0
[Saturday 02 April]

If you're not able to watch the stream live, don't worry, it'll be on demand on Twitch, channel and shortly updated to Amit's Youtube channel.


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The judging stream for CC02 with Atey Ghailan will be Sunday at 19:30 UTC (20:30 London time)

 You can check the exact date and time here (pick your time zone)

Stream on demand on YT

We'll be doing a full crit stream with Amit in 10 hours

Monday 25th April @ 7:00 AM (UTC+0) | 9am (GMT+1)

CC 03 Announcement stream will be today at
(22:00 UTC)

on my Twitch channel:

*EDIT The Twitch stream didn't save! We might stream it again, but the full brief is pretty straight forward, and you can read it in full on the blog

CC 03 Crit stream tomorrow at 9:30 UTC ( 11:30 GMT +1)

BE THERE...unless global warming decides to be an asshole again.

CC 03 Shit Sandwich critique stream Mon 30 May  @ 8:00am (UTC + 0)

Critiques for all pieces in CC 03. Come get demolished and/or laugh at the poor souls being ripped apart.

Judging Stream on demand on YT

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The announcement stream for CC04 will be Wednesday 8 June at 07:30 (am) UTC +0

You can check the exact date and time here (pick your time zone)

Streaming always on the technically challenged channel :

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We decided to extend the deadline till the end of Sunday 26 whatever your time zone is. Just get it posted before Monday.

CC Judging stream with Dan Warren today at  9 PM UTC 0

at my twitch channel

CC 5 Announcement stream is in 1 hour

We have 2 announcements:

1. It seems you're having some problems with finishing your entries, therefore we decided to EXTEND the deadline till SATURDAY. You better make it!

Judging stream with Titus will be on monday. Exact time is not set yet.

2. No CC in August - SUMMER BREAK
Have fun with other challenges that will be posted on the forum shortly.

CC05 Judging stream with Titus Lunter will be on Monday 08 August @8.30pm UTC+0

As always on Piotr's twitch channel
Let's see y'all there!

Full stream on YT for those that can't do Twitch

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Hey guys, unfortunately due to me being too busy, and Piotr changing careers to become the next Polish Chess Grand Master we won't be able to host a Crimson Crucible challenge for September either!  Sorry to the people that were hanging out for it.  I shall flagellate Piotr to within an inch of losing his vegan soul, and spank myself thoroughly.

We should be up and running again in October!  Instead, do your OWN fully finished illustration this month. Go on. We DARE YOU. What are you....chicken?

As an incentive, we will do a special Shit Sandwich stream for anybody who starts and finishes a full illustration before the 22nd of September and posts it in the following thread. There are more details in the thread :

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The Crit Stream for informal CC September will be at my twitch channel next week, wednesday 10 am CEST (central european time)

The CC 06 judging stream will be tomorrow (thursday) "sometime in the afternoon"  New York time (as James said).

We tried hard to pin down a time from him, but we couldn't, so just keep an eye/ear open for announcements.

Also - after November challenge we won't be having any regular juges, because arranging it all is simply too much of a pain in the ass. We considered quitting the whole thing but we decided we will just do our own challenges from now on.

CC 6 crit stream on demand on YT for any that don't gel with Twitch.

A huge thanks to James for staying with us for so long and doing crits on ERRRYBODYs work. Legend.
cc7 is being finalised and will be announced soon. No let up for the wicked.

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CC 07 Announcement - 10 PM CET ( 9PM UTC) on my Twitch

[attachment=93383][attachment=93383]CC 7 winner gets a limited signed giclee print from Gosia!

I hope this will get you even more motivated :)

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