Alright... I keep saying "No, you don't have time for this, you must say no!" And then the challenges line up directly with my own goals and I... I just can't!

This must be the last one though, as I flee to Japan in two weeks! THEN YOU CAN'T GRIP ME ANYMORE, CRUCIBLE!

Jumping between something serious or something light... I've been collecting stories about the cow skull in my closet. Also some feminist trash I've been wanting to write. Hmm... cow skull would be safer...

Anyway, I have an eye doctor appointment and a dentist appointment after I work today (got up at 5:30 am to start...). Will post stuff later!

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I'm looking forward!

Work has been hard lately, but here are some ideas I scribbled out tonight. Gonna work more on them tomorrow!

I chose "average dragon." Basic story idea is to turn the "dragon kidnaps maiden, then the brave knight saves her," on its head. Thinking of either making the hero knight a woman (maybe a lesbian, hehe) or doing something adorable with a guy being taken captive instead, and saved by his prince charming.

Also thinking of having the dragon secretly in league with the maiden, and the dragon basically weeds out terrible husbands and plunders all the dead princes it kills.

Need to solidify those things.

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Alright, finally something of substance!

I think it's pretty cheesy... but I hope it's at least a little cute.

But first... here are some design sketches.


Panel 1:
Dragon 1: You know, average dragon hoards steal princesses. But what if we stole a prince?
Dragon 2: I bet they'd give us more gold for a prince!

Panel 5:
Dragons: We're gonna get so much gold guys.
Prince: Hu! -Snf -snf

Panel 6: Gaaaagh!

Panel 9:
Prince: Sir Francis!
Dragons: ??????????

Panel 10:
Dragons: Oh my god! Ow! Aaaaaggghh! Nonononono...

Panel 11:
Dragons: Maybe average isn't so bad...

Now... I am going to go die sleep X_X

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Wow! This is neat! Go go go! There's a few hours left!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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@ John: :DD Thank you!! I wish I'd gotten in sooner... planning a huuuge trip, father's day, and work all just conspired to kill me!!


Maybe I'll be able to throw some color on it!! Does it need color?

I only hope it's not a total disaster.... D:

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I really like it! I love the arrogant swagger like pose of the knight and how it's mirrored in the horse. The girly prince is funny too. It's a funny story all round! Probably a bit late to make this comment but everything worked for me just the panel on the far right, one up from the bottom (where Sir Francis is attacking the dragons), the first time I read it I wasn't sure who was being attacked - although it's obvious to me now. Could possibly change the dialogue, something like 'uh oh, that sword looks sharp, no wait, lets talk about this!' or something like that? I dunno just a thought!

I don't think it needs colour - it'd look cool coloured up but would totally change it into a different style, which might detract from the charm of it. Right now it has this 'look at this thing I just drew with a sharpie' vibe about it, which is really fun for a humorus comic.

But give it a go if you have time and see how it turns out!

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@ JyonnyNovice - Ah, thank you so much! I changed the dialogue (I took one of your suggestions, if you don't mind! :D ) so I hope it's a bit clearer now! I'm so glad it's funny--I wanted it to be cheerful and light-heated, but hopefully not too cheesy, haha.

And I do think you make a good point... I didn't have much time to color today anyway, so i think I'll leave it :) Thank you so much for your thoughts, I really appreciate it!!

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Just saw your final -- easily one of my faves-!! Fantastic story and execution 10/10 will laugh again \o/ !


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