CC5: Oh damn. Cancelled due to sickness and misfortune.
I so wanna do this. It totally out of my comfort zone but still. I'm just making this thread to remind me that I'm participating.

I sadly caught a bad virus, so right now I'm literally an anal vulcano. I may have to bust my ass in the last week or something. Hopefully I get better in a few days.

Please pray for my sorry ass. D:
An anus volcano, now theres an idea for an enviro.

I hope you get well

@Adam: Oh no don't do this :O

Take it easy man and rest up, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Well ev'rybody, my butt is finally no longer a spewing acid pitt. I got to catch up on some stuff but I can at least do all preparations and planing for this crucible in the meantime.

So here is me trying to find a design style.

Wirklich interessante Ideen! (you say: interesting ideas?) I hope your sickness goes away and you can fight the good fight, because you have really good ideas. First page right side two ideas are especially interesting! Get well, mein freund!
Hello jesus. I always thought I would find you in my heart. Haha. Anyway thanks for the feedback. This is really hard for me since not only am I not a enviroment kinda guy but I also prefer like fantasy stuff. Also sorry if I'm not answering in german. I just want anyone here in the forum to be able to read our conversations... aber vielen Dank fürs Vorbeischauen! :D

Alright how do I do the thing?!?
I wanted to look how I can incorporate these patterns into an actual enviroment piece. Once I have a good vision on what I want the thing to look as a whole I go back and refine the patterns so they work better with the landscape.

You are the leading example of how to do this "right" so far. :) Keep it going man!

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@Amit: Thanks! Now watch me mess it all up.

Soo from my experience small thumbnails are a treacherous lady. She might look great from far away but when you get closer you can see the whole illusion your mind build up fall apart. So to comensate for that problem I did something I call bigger thumbnails which are exactly what they sound like. They make you bullshit a bit less,

Still trying to figure out the form. Once the big shapes fit I'll do an extra page exploring the surface pattern again.

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Hey nice comps you got, the middle two is looking pretty good.

@Tienchi: Thanks :D

Okay here is what i like to call "Even bigger thumbnails". They give a first impression of what direction the final product is heading to. I think I like the second one. I'm now going dissect the structures from the comp and really design the surface pattern and then I'll put them back togehter with hopefully accurate perspective.

And then all that's left is to paint it. D: Oh boy.

You better be finishing this boy. ;) Just a "friendly" prod.

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@Amit: I'd better. Things are a bit stupid right now. I'm having a bit of a relapse of my sickness. I'll do what I can.

Someone get the guy from doom to kill the demons in my bowels.

Here are the designs for the buldings.

Hello Daggers

I'm writing this on old ass computer and very much in a lot of pain. I just a colonscopy (yes the whole camera up your butt thing) and I'm somewhat sick. Probably out for two weeks if I'm lucky if not then.... oh well.

But If my life wasn't already literally a pain in the ass. My main computers harddrive just said goodbye. I turned my pc off went to bed and when I woke up I didn't work. I called a mechanic and they just told me that my harddrive is so broken that they can't restore my data.

I have some back up files from a few months but becaue I'm a really stupid piece of shit I forgot to do another backup in the last few weeks. Which means a lot of pictures and stuff are just gone forever.

I cant even begin to tell you how down I am at the moment. I'm sorry...
Dude that is harsh - I'm sorry to hear that :(

Hope things improve for you.

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Hope you feel better man! Look forward to seeing you vack in the saddle! -was really excited to see an event like this one back up on the daggers!

yeah totally sucks dude. No worries, you'll get back on your feet again!

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Damn man that sucks, get well soon!

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