Road to Designer
Long and Treacherous road. Better get started.


  1. Character Design in a variety of stylization (Realistic, Cartoon, Hybrid, Anime).
  2. Envrionment Design
  3. Composition, Light and Colour
  4. Learning of 3D software implementation into work.
  5. Weapons and Vehicle Design.

The top left image is the reference I used, its usually a existing artist. If I don't mention the name of the artist, I usually lost it or found the reference on Pinterest.

[Image: ryo0mHI.jpg]
Artist Zeronis. I numbered these in the order I did them. First time round I notices eyeing the colours was very hard against a different background due to colour vibrations.
[Image: q3UyhLj.jpg]
[Image: YrpFD9W.jpg]

Having learned all this I wanted to apply some of it. I chose to do a portrait of Hanzo from overwatch since I already did a study on him in the previous image and knew how his face looked.
[Image: 4VDA9cM.jpg]
Welcome to the Crimson Daggers Jason!

Great start - I like your studies so far and it's a good idea to list out your goals so you can keep on coming back to them later on.

Keep going dude!

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

(07-07-2016, 08:19 PM)Artloader Wrote: Welcome to the Crimson Daggers Jason!

Great start - I like your studies so far and it's a good idea to list out your goals so you can keep on coming back to them later on.

Keep going dude!

Thank you.

This week is environments, tons of sketches, Hopefully I can get to painting soon:
[Image: l2Y5836.jpg]

[Image: YZzdLHN.jpg]
[Image: E19sH6S.jpg]
Weekly Dump:

[Image: ryl2KtE.jpg][Image: 7vE0cHP.jpg][Image: gZ7iyor.jpg][Image: 0wZ7HB6.jpg][Image: HQRUbSx.jpg][Image: OQHXE7h.jpg][Image: OyWlmOa.jpg][Image: P7DhkCC.png][Image: P7DhkCC.png][Image: qSRjRRV.jpg][Image: w3nlPHl.jpg][Image: zrqgNte.jpg][Image: WaRDzRw.jpg]
[Image: 8htJuV0.jpg][Image: LYvm7ja.jpg]
[Image: EdC0lVX.jpg][Image: fS2b3tE.jpg][Image: dNPHnGF.jpg][Image: 9UCHbMw.jpg][Image: p8ME3Rd.jpg][Image: MdHmOCc.jpg][Image: OarRc5f.jpg][Image: MTT41nk.jpg]
Good stuff dude, keep it up!!

Small update, some light studies from life.
[Image: TlgKO21][Image: TlgKO21.jpg]
[Image: 3fslB9l.jpg][Image: 5iAv4Lh.jpg]
(08-05-2016, 03:16 AM)miracoly Wrote: Good stuff dude, keep it up!!

Thank you , Your designs are really awesome too.
Hey guys a little update, from now to until school starts in September, I will focus only on getting my foundations in light and colour solid. After that I willl move onto design and anatomy with emphasis on designing to spec. Here are some gestures I've been doing on the side.
[Image: krpC7Dy.jpg]
[Image: tknqEVQ.jpg]
SO focusing on light and colour, the first two images are worksheets from a schoolism course of painting chrome and painting various materials:
[Image: FNLhBte.jpg]
[Image: bJQuKx6.jpg]

Here are 5 life painting I did throughout the week, I found these to be hard as I needed to finish these before the overcast lighting disappeared or it became too dark for the ones on the gray surfaces. The ones on the brown surface were setup under a controlled getto-style light so I had more time to finish them.
[Image: 6BiCOHF.jpg]
[Image: StBLMIK.jpg]
[Image: vkyh3qp.jpg]
[Image: JzpcnVA.jpg]
[Image: 7fm6KIN.jpg]
The above are ordered by the order which I did them and I saw significant improvement after each piece. The ones done more plein-air like trained me to be faster and skip some of the noodling and procrastination.

I learned a lot about how real light worked in these instead of the theory I learned from the schoolism course videos from above. Also : CAMERAS ARE HELLA SHIT. I realised how crap cameras were at capturing the real image and most photos often have the wrong exposure and using photoes as reference could be fatal as a artist if the photographer used filters or wasn'y highly experienced with exposure.
[Image: PLXCgyj.jpg]
[Image: JbUbhrU.jpg][Image: 23wcsO2.jpg][Image: HFQcD1V.jpg][Image: Aw3kL8t.jpg][Image: 0idCYEM.jpg]

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