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Hi! That's my first post here though I've been taking inspiration from your work here for a while :) You guys rock!

I am 18, come from Poland and have been drawing regularly since January, but only in traditional techniques. I put into drawing more and more time, but do not aim at professional level (for now). Beside art, I am interested in gamedev, Maths, love paper RPG's and rock climbing :)

I have bought my first tablet two days ago so finally I can share my work not bothering about scanning and other boring technical stuff.

Here is what I have drawn today. Nanny Ogg's (from Pratchett's books) portrait, little skechy face, a short face study and a bunch of 1 minute gestures. These are literary my first digital works so I still need a lot of time to get used to working on a tablet.

Looking for some crit, exp and a lot of fun here!

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Hey welcome to Crimson Daggers Karol :).

Good stuff considering this is your first time with a tablet! I like your 1min gestures - they look nice and dynamic.

Keep posting!

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

Thanks Artloader :) I love dynamic sketches so it's nice that you consider my own being so.

Today is a busy day, so only some sketchy face studies (boys w/o reference and girls from photos), a fistful of gestures and quick character concept for RPG set in "Over the Garden Wall"ish universe - Billy, brave lad who wants to become a balloon pilot.

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I've had few rest days lately. Some sketches from today: figure and antomy studies and a tiny pirate. Tommorow I will try to actually paint something.

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Hello, welcome to the forum!

Quite nice stuff for only 2 days of tablet usage. Keep this up!

Pozdrawiam z Krakowa :)

Thanks Piotr for your kind welcome :)
Pozdrowienia zza miedzy, Zakopane!

Some works from imagination for today. I also tested two very rough color schemes for a night, rainy crime scene. I don't feel overly satisfied with either of them, so I may experiment further tomorrow.

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Oh, little dusty here. It has been nearly a month since my last post. Anyway, some faces from today.

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