Need help with hair
I want to make the hair like it belongs to a man thats been dead for a few weeks but I dont know how to paint hair. Help please

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Alrighty... I know this is an old thread but i hate when people go unanswered so, here's some things you could do

1. Hair on dead people keeps growing right? same with your fingernails, I've done this on a lot of my skull pieces with long droopy hair, it looks cool, just try it on a new layer and vary opacity.

2. Use ALOT more soft edges; if you want something to look organic/dead it has to have some fluidity in the edges. Otherwise it will look like a mask or a statue, kind of like yours does now.

3. add grain and little speckles of dirt and speculars with scatter brushes for a more organic texture.

4. flip the canvas horizontally to see if your image is skewed

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