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Finished my character. Total failure.
[Image: tbnjmL4cbD0.jpg]

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Finally I have a few free days to draw. It was a crazy month, I didn't have any time to draw last 1,5 weeks. Now back in business, boyz. Here is some stuff.
[Image: Wmx02m_aEv4.jpg]
[Image: uyapqPNSGBU.jpg]
[Image: 479g35BT-QA.jpg]
[Image: bDx9_bHzlBo.jpg]

Going further with this dude. Changed a face to mine (it's for DoD challenge). Next step is coloring this stuff. Cheers.
[Image: 6x_y9eyzae4.jpg]

Cool character, but I feel like there's something wrong with his face, looks a bit artificial to me, maybe there's no value variety in eyeballs area and also the whiskers shape looks like a toy's. my favourite remains the one in your post No.42, he's just amazing.
Coloring is tough surely, I freaked out with coloring my piece today :/ I think it's just because I love values much more and sometimes don't feel the need to color them at all. But I hope you'll do your best!
Good luck with your characters, hope to see more stuff here :)

Thanks for stopping by. Faces are me weakness, so it's my next target to deal with. I spent today almost 3 hours just fixing his face. Tomorrow will continue to struggle. But color is not that scary for me now though. And that guy you mentioned - I don't even remember how i drew him, it was just line drawing and then values. But i'll keep struggling with this one. Cheers!

One of the studies I did in art-school and my first fail in 2017. 
[Image: L4FVHSuhmQw.jpg]
[Image: RORYrUbDquU.jpg]

Bunch of master studies here and some anatomy. 
[Image: lCWVc96q3l8.jpg]
[Image: AH8UQgBMNU0.jpg]
[Image: fQGclglHlb0.jpg]
[Image: 0X0cd0Wd6h4.jpg]
[Image: C3qWChqr_-s.jpg]
[Image: wdRQphnaVhs.jpg]
[Image: LOiRTxwCxYs.jpg]

Some shit again from me.

Poses from imagination.
[Image: JICDi_TFlec.jpg]

Anatomy studies.
[Image: PSwwQm8AIkM.jpg]
[Image: eGFK6C0laRM.jpg]

Gesture drawings.
[Image: zLCiwg8N43U.jpg]
[Image: jYRc7PRiOfI.jpg]
[Image: aodAX9nffQ0.jpg]
[Image: t1UM0adezV0.jpg]
[Image: H62GFuWi_4Q.jpg]

Working hard that's good. Chin up old boyo.

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Awesome anatomy studies Anton :) and your colours are just amazing - like on that female character in post #61 (that you called a total failure) - her flesh tones look pretty fantastic to me!

Keep it going dude!

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

Bunch of studies here.
[Image: R2QymeYvfl4.jpg]
[Image: FBxYDOtC4jg.jpg]
[Image: yhpcu8vIKcI.jpg]
[Image: 9REky7vCVVw.jpg]
[Image: JEVR63VeoJE.jpg]

Wow, great progress for only half a year!  Love ur character designs, you really do pay attention to details.
I'd like to point out something though. I think your values need some work, the way you paint the transitions between them is a bit too harsh (especially when it comes to skin). Just use some sort of soft brush for the subtle value changes, and try to work on your overall form building (still lifes are great for this). 
Keep the great work up yoo!!!!
So much stuff that you are doing, amazing *.* You are a big motivation!

Some anatomy studies and poses from imagination. 
[Image: wdPGB6-qFes.jpg]
[Image: KAkQrH_R_U4.jpg]
[Image: RLu0Cywlnx4.jpg]
Gesture drawings as always.
[Image: m4mVFzoPTkw.jpg]
[Image: wr8pTywOPg0.jpg]
[Image: VMDiOsSDOOk.jpg]
[Image: 6dF8z6n802Y.jpg]
And a sketch I did today. Not sure if Im gonna finish this.
[Image: eVWhEOqiRLo.jpg]

Awesome anatomy studies, they are paying off in your work. You use a lot of Bammes right? Got my hands on some of his books recently, he's probably going to be my favourite anatomist because his constructional approach is very understandable and drawings neat and clean.
Btw what's up with the feet? Trying to imagine how this character walks makes my brain go nuts. But the concept as a whole looks cool.

Yeah, Im using Bammes's books. For me he is the best anatomist, cuz he's very specific about everything in a human body.
About her feet...There is a problem with her left foot, yes. But I'll fix this. It's just a quick sketch after maybe 7 hours of drawing so I was tired a bit.

I did a few iterations. It's so damn hard to choose. Also I feel that it's somehow not mine, if you know what it means. Dunno how to explain it properly.
[Image: DPEd3lls85w.jpg]

[Image: ca-sctwAE1o.jpg]
[Image: ongYYrAAFnY.jpg]
[Image: Ug6s6lSr9dw.jpg]
[Image: sDp2FUlDi2Y.jpg]

Your anatomy is looking really good Anton!  Awesome work ethic dude.

Just be careful with the triceps - I can't really tell from your sketches but just in case - remember that the long head of the triceps originates from the edge of the scapula - check out this link:

Hope that helps man - keep pushing :).

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

Thanks for the tip!


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