All them sketches
Here begins my sketching and activity on this site. 

Today i practised lineart on buildings and faces. Trying to lock down those fluid and straight lines.
I also tried to find 2 different type of house design styles I might use some day. On the faces i experimented a little on adding some sort of feeling/ personality without overdoing the expressions.

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Love the building designs!

Olooriel thanks very much! I probably enjoy the most just goofin around with different building designs:D 

Today i did some colour/value studies. I have not wanted to do these but it's quite essential if I want to improve my environment game:D 

Some things I might have learned (Be free to correct me)  and things i will definitely test in my own pieces:
- If I want to do clear sky daytime scene with pure colours, I should keep the value of the sky as high as possible. This is to ensure that the piece is bright and reads as a daytime piece

- If it indeed is daytime there probably is big contrast with light spots and the shadow. The shadow might go to the darkest of black(or atleast very low on the value scale) where as the light spots might be pure colour(not grey) and quite high on the value scale. (not as high as the sky)

-To get that winter look/cold mood I should try playing with different shades of blue. Even rocks can be done with blues if the whole painting is mainly covered with that colour.

- Mist/ wetness really would seem to double the effect of atmospheric perspective. The sky can still be high on the value scale and the value drops low only close to the camera. But between that little contrast and I found myself picking more blue colour than i was comfortable with.

Anyway these are some thoughts:D . Think for yourself if they make any sense.

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Been sketching away and developing my own style. I might lean a bit on comic artsy style in terms what comes naturally to me. I don't know what i want from my life, it's a real struggle. :-D

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