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Hey everyone! I am starting this thread to get some feedback on my art and meet some artist pals on the way.
I've been trying to find an art community that i can fit in. 

Been lurking around for an year or so. 

Anyway here's a cartoon i've made. I like to make things look like games.

[Image: cartoon_portrait_006_by_illpalazzo_sama-daef5lv.gif]
I've been studying photos, so here's me trying to copy a picture without without using the colorpicker.

Realism and likenesss is pretty damn hard.

[Image: cobie_by_illpalazzo_sama-dad2r28.png]
Welcome to the Crimson Daggers Eduardo :).

I love the cartoon - she looks like she's having a good time :).

The photo study looks nice as well but be careful with the alignment of the features - the eye on the right (her left eye) looks a little bit too low to me.

Keep up the hard work :).

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CD Sketchbook

cool cartoon. how did you make it look like she had skin pores was that just a certain brush you used over the tones?
@Artloader: Thanks for the Welcome, hope i fit around here.

I'm happy you liked the cartoon, i've been trying to test different styles to find what works for me.

Thanks for the tip on the portrait. i've messed up the proportions and the tones, i'll try harder next time!

@RaginBronko:  Thanks, glad you liked it!

On the portrait i've used a textured brush on top of the skin painting and used a layer of low opacity noise on top of that.
I've been making a cardgame with some friends as an excuse to practice painting.

Everytime I have a break from work I put some work on them, I have to make about 20 of those to finish my part this hat is n°6.

I still have trouble understanding Material+Light behaviour, I read a book about it and watched more tutorials than it's healthy. Damn hard stuff. Hahah!

[Image: lucky_hat_by_illpalazzo_sama-d9z17ju.png]
Still studying light. Trying to understand fundamentals.

Here are two studies that i've been experimenting on.

I don't want to post only things i spent a ton of time on since this is a sketchbook thread. So here are some studies.

[Image: form_study_a_by_illpalazzo_sama-dafqrb4.jpg]

[Image: form_study_b_by_illpalazzo_sama-dafqrsy.jpg]
Here's what i am working on now.

One more card for the cardgame I am making.

I am trying to use my head more when painting instead of spacing out and painting it on auto-mode.

Also tried applying what i understood of lighting from the previous studies. Let's see if i can learn some new tricks on the next one.

[Image: throwing_axe_by_illpalazzo_sama-dag3nx3.png]

Here's where i am going with the next one. A lot to correct but still, here it is. Damn that arm sucks real hard. Hahah!
I'll try to work on it this week if i can take some time off from work.

[Image: process_fosso_by_illpalazzo_sama-dag3qd5.png]

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