Looking for some brutal critiques :3
Im pretty new here and Im starting my portfolio, I would love to get some critiques from you guys :D

Thanks in advance ^_^
[Image: majesty_DES.jpg]
Hi Pirate, 

I did a paintover of this environment for you.  Really nice painting, good job bringing it to a finish. 

I think one of the main issues with the piece is the overall saturation, everything in the image is highly saturated (including the shadow areas) so the viewer's eye is drawn from the focal point (the big arch way) and has no place to really rest. 

The red rocks on the left of the piece are also drawing attention (due to the high saturation and size) so I have desaturated them and changed their size (along with the other rocks so nothing is bigger than the archway). The high saturation is what you want to use on the focal point so it really stands out and draws the eye and the rest of the supporting elements push the eye toward this so I have desaturated the other elements, I also darkened some of the shadows that would have very little light (such as the one in the arch way). As you have a warm light already I also put a cool desaturated colour in the shadows. 

The Sky and sun are both very bright value wise so I toned that value down a bit. I also used atmospheric perspective to push mountains back further in the image and give more depth. I also desaturated the element on the right foreground of the image (the blackish framing element) and lightened it up a little.

I also added some weathering to the edges of the archway as well as making the sides etc a bit smaller, and the negative space of the sky can now (after reducing the size of the rocks and pushing the other elements further back and making the middle of the arch larger) really be used to contrast the archway.

Hope this helps :).

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The main pathway seems like it's tilted toward the viewer, like it's on an incline. I did a crude paintover and rotated the canvas slightly

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so I had some time and I tried to fix things according to what you said,
I still didnt had time to get to the road leading to the arch but I will ^_^
I wanna thank you guys for the time you took for helping me out <3

and hope I did a better job :p
[Image: majesty_DES.jpg]


Heres another something I cooked up, I will most likely never do a composition vertically like this ever again if its not for characters, but I try ti make it as passable as possible lol

[Image: hm81.jpg]

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