Weird creature storytelling
I'm creating an illustration for my husband's sci-fi short story cause I liked it so much! And I bought a realistic tapir figure recently which inspired me.
Some sketches, already started working on the comp further.
I translated the end of the story which is relevant to the illustration (under spoiler)

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Awesome... Get stuck in :).

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I can't speedpaint but can speedsculpt :) Kind of. Had problems with drawing 3/4 and front view of the old man, made a Sculptris sketch so now it will be much easier for me to jump right into drawing the creature in the required pose. Gotto find time to learn and practice more sculpting software.
Not going ham until I finish Jan's challenge, hope to complete everything on time!

Thank you for encouraging Amit!

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Awesome Neo - I love story driven art :). Nice sculpting by the way. Keep going and good luck!

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