CC September - Sci fi hunter and pet
I decided to participate in this challenge as well. I thought id go back to the past a bit and do one of the old Bloodsports. I choose the first one, sci fi hunter and pet.

Here are some design for the sci fi hunter (more like post apocalyptic hunter I guess). Basically a woman walking through something like a california deser inspired landscape with her mountain lion/ desert lynx inspired pet: 

Girl Designs:

[Image: Xr97EWm.jpg]

Some thumbnails:

[Image: 7Zk15gU.jpg]

More very soon! Thumbs_up

Glad to see you here again :) I always like seeing your sketches and dev stuff. Keep it goin!

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Thank you for the kind words Amit! :) 

Here is some studies and design for her cat creature. Will begin sculpting it in zbrush next.

[Image: VUiQKDk.jpg]

[Image: LRp4Rgs.jpg]

Very cool stuff so far Sorrentos :). That cat is looking great. Looking forward to the ZBrush work!

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CD Sketchbook

Thank you so much Artloader!  Wink

Here are some tests in zbrush for the creature: 

[Image: rLMaEs5.jpg]

[Image: 9ayz7IU.jpg]

Also started doing an environment in 3d Coat/ Zbrush/ Maya:

[Image: I1zFujL.jpg]

All of this is of course heavy WIP and subject to massive change!  Party

Everything looks awesome, looking forward to see more!


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