CC7 - Evil vs Good
I call this CC "The cat vs the dogs"

The contrasts im planning to use in this are several diffirent ones. Big vs small, evil vs good, cat vs dogs etc 

Note, im stealing Jvonnys excellent template for his scene descriptions that he used in his thread  Thumbs_up

Description of scene

The scene takes place in a forest glade where the two dogs have set up their camp. A huge cat robber/highwayman has raided their camp and is looking for the dogs so that he can kill them or w/e. While the cat is searching, the two dogs are hiding behind a rock. The archer dog is loading her bow and preparing to fire at the cat. 


Big vs small, evil vs good, cat vs dogs


Who are the characters: 

The cat: A huge, heavyset robber/murderer highwayman who makes a living robbing and plundering. His armor is made up of stolen and scavenged pieces that he has modified for his need.

The male dog: A soldier in the dog kings army who is too scared to fight head on against the cat. His plate armor is made for the dogs army with the kings sigill on the front

The female dog: A ranger in the dog kings army. She is more badass/brave and is preparing to snipe the cat with an arrow from her bow. She is wearing light armor/clothing for agility.

Where are they?

In a glade where the dogs set up their camp.

Why are they there? 

The dogs set up their camp and the cat raided it.

What are they doing?

The dogs are hiding behind a big rock while the cat is searching for them to kill them. The male dog is shaking from freight while the female dog is preparing to snipe the cat with an arrow.

How does the background help? 

The camp has been trashed up, with the tent ripped open, boxes and barrels emptied in search of valuables to indicate that the cat raided it violently. The kings sigill is on all the boxes and such, indicating that its an army camp. 

The forest should be sunny and colorful in the style of pixar/dreamworks/disney to sell the idea that its a frame from an animated movie. 

Problems/Things to develop/Questions to ask yourself.

Coming after crits I guess ...

Here are some of my character designs and studies so far, thumbnails and the rest of the character designs should come up later today

I was told on my earlier challenge that I "needed to draw more" and I have rly taken it to heart this time. Im planning to use less 3d as well and practice my straight up painting skills too:

[Image: MppmMnb.jpg]

[Image: zS7UUtR.jpg]

[Image: Ys9HlWe.jpg]

[Image: P4fjTxW.jpg]

[Image: B76lki2.jpg]


[Image: RIthOdA.jpg]

[Image: KxYWLiV.jpg]

Great stuff man. Looking forward to seeing how the more painted illustration comes along! Perhaps the cat could have dog trophies of some sort to show he regularly raids dog camps? Just small bits of added narrative details, but in general sounds like a fun scene!

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Thank you so much Amit. I was thinking that maybe the cat could wear  a "dog ear" necklace or something similar (Platoon style), but maybe that would be to horrific for a lighthearted challenge like this? idk.

Heres my design for the male dog: 

[Image: rdexiEl.jpg]

Final refined design for the cat. Now im fleshing out my thumbnails.

[Image: wxgWFFa.jpg]

Hey guys. According to a website I found, the pixel size for the aspect ratios is

Flat (1.85:1) / 3996x2160
Scope (2.39:1) / 4096x1716

Is this the correct size wanted?

Sketched a couple of thumbnails. Composition is a weakness for me, so any crits are apreciated.

[Image: XhrVkn6.jpg]

[Image: 0YR9gDo.jpg]

[Image: CSdjQXa.jpg]

Work is progressing.

I personally like the sketches from previous post a bit more. It just seems more balanced to me if the evil character is facing the other way. You could play a bit with the shape of the rock/rocks, maybe add a bit of bush in between or on top. Also this pike is completely visible to the evil guy.

The struggle continues! I will hopefully wrap this up in time, however, if I get crits on the image at the judging, I will most likely go back and continue working on it. 

[Image: 7T9Pvrn.jpg]


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