good vs evil
Good vs evil, angel vs demon, the simplest thing I could think of for this subject.

[Image: good_vs_evil_wip1.jpg]
more WIP's.. did a final effects pass and in the last one I switched to the final aspect ratio (apparently I wasn't using the correct one before) and have started adding the redrawn characters (more detailed) in ambient light.

[Image: good_vs_evil_wip2.jpg]
Cool, hope you finish and submit the final before the deadline :)

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Thanks, I will finish.
So I added colors using gradient maps in photoshop, still need to match colors and add some effects
[Image: good_vs_evil_final_size2.jpg]
and done (added some spit, textures, light effects, removed the flaming sword because it was competing with the 2 characters)

[Image: good_vs_evil_final_2048x858.jpg]

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