Ohaiyo Minna! :D
I am GearBlueLuffy. 

Real Name: NB (Ninja Blue)
You can call me NB

My ambition is to be the greatest visual artist in the world.  I am here to learn and develop the skills of the New World - Observation Haki, Concept Art/Animation Haki and Conqueror's Haki

Project FAITH is a SB dedicated to my captain, Mugiwara No Luffy and I will be learning mostly here. I am a secret member of the Straw Hat Pirates and GearBlueLuffy is an alias.

Please take care of me. I am in your hands minna-san

To start off, my level is total beginner! (te-he~! :) ) (No Portfolio, no skills, no anything. Just begun! :D )

Doing some basic exercises with a pen that has zero pen pressure and pencils (random pencil brand).  Using Pilot Hi-Tech Point Pen
Right now, short on berries, so I need to buy a better pen (which has pen pressure/thick-thin variation) so for now will have to make do with this.

Today is my first day! :D
Here you go! ;)


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Ambitious AF, I like it!! :D I'm really interested in seeing what you can achieve, for now: really nice start! keep going

Hey!  I responded to you on my sketchbook, but thought that I'd comment here..  I love when you get to watching artists grow..  Seems you have some good foundations and I look forward to the build!!

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Hello again minna san! :D

Looks like I missed out on updating my SB everyday again (*tehe*)
The Kung Fu dugongs attacked me! 

Right now, somehow back in my fortress of solitude and while I am at it.
I am just getting into the skull studies.
The front view is wrong (but he looked happy so I wanted to share xD)
Side view is okay, but construction is not applied so technically right, measurement wise but artistically/design-way wrong. YOHOHOHOHO

Also tried finger sketching on the road. Incomplete due to *ahem* - road ride the end. 

No problem, no problem! 
I also need to stick to my schedule. But it's ok. Just get back on track and defeat the dugongs with my pen knife slash! :D

Onwards and ho! Yohohohoho!!

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Keep on posting !
Did mostly warm ups and spent 6+ hours on mechanical exercises like ghosting today
Focused on fluidity and getting rid of the fear/lack of confidence in line work
I think that paid off :)

Posting a few pages of today's stuff. I did some skull studies too but they quite aren't done yet (I can't recall from memory details etc, so didn't bother posting those yet)

Ghosting the lines still need practice. 
Will stick to warm ups for 1 hours from now on 

Also felt my brain and hand were syncing a bit better today. I guess that'll get better with practice. 

Gradually taking it step by step. For now focusing on anatomy, retaining what I learn and also... better line work. Perspective sketching, will work on it. Need to manage my time better and shouldn't be so hard on myself.

Man, was tons of fun. 
Main aim is to get addicted to sketching so I don't need to go so hard for now.
Time is there till new years so gradually planning to clock up my time to 18+hrs a day by then (naturally)
Okay, enough ranting. Straw Hat Members never complain, YOHOHOHOHOHO!!! :D

YOSH!!!!! Time to sleep! *zzzzzzzzzz*


Forgot to post this one 
Memory sketch of my nakama, Nami
Not anywhere near perfect but will do as a rough
Hope she doesn't destroy me for this yohohohoho (lol)

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