ReAnne's Sketchbook-- Resisting the chicken scratch!
Holy cow, I didn't think starting a sketchbook here would cause me such stress.

Anyway...  I'm currently learning form and construction.  I've worked my way through a couple books on perspective, but have committed the sin of failure to apply, so this sketchbook shall be just that.

Wanted to start this today even if it's something small, so to start: a life drawing from tonight.  

Hi, welcome!
Constructional drawing helps me a lot, hopefully you'll push through :)
For more confident freehand perspective sketching, I'd recommend to check out these excercises , it seems to work for a lot of people here.

Nice start ReAnne, I agree with Neopatogen, constructional drawing can be a great help, drawbox is good. Also check out Scott Robertson, he has a book called How To Draw and a YouTube channel:

Keep going :).

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CD Sketchbook

@Neopatogen and @Artloader  Thanks guys!  I've been doing the drawabox lessons, and they are pretty tough, but so helpful.  The last lesson I completed was on insects.  It's still scratchy and I know I'm thinking on the paper rather than before I lay my lines down, which is hard to stop.  "How to Draw" has been my unofficial couch ornament the past month.  I've essentially copied all the examples, but I haven't 'veered' off of those examples, so I don't know how much I've actually learned.  

Utterly slacking.  No excuses.  Also, need to focus better and figure out a better system of updating this sketchbook.  At least once a week should be okay.  
Not all the stuff from the past week, some is illegible(need to work on that).  Form intersection, I suffered through a lot of those until I realized that it'd help a ton if I knew where in space these things sat, duh!

Stuff from sketchbook, mostly perspective breakdowns

This reminds me so much of my old sketchbooks. Keep thinking about that perspective! It's the most important thing for getting a feel for forms.

Oh, and don't stress yourself out too much.

Project / Sketches / Paintings
@Lodratio  Most definitely and haha I'm trying!

Jeez, I did not intend to disappear for so long!  I happened to take a bunch of pics and then had to resize 'em all and was not feeling too happy, so one day turned into another and here I am.  Finally started to tackle anatomy since I felt like I was starting to meander in my studies.  Some stuff from Big Hero 6, Brave, random landscapes, and anatomy stuff from a bunch of places.  Anatomy in the beginning sucked, but at some point I finally realized it's better to learn the basic forms first, not every freakin' facet on the bones!  I forgot that drawing through and construction existed cause it's [gasp!] anatomy haha.  Slowly, but surely.

I think this one might be too small...

It is way too easy to drop off the face of the planet.  
Need to update more and interact more!  
Decided to push into rendering, despite feeling like sometimes my forms are wonky.  I think working out the planes and values should help flesh out feeling the forms.  
Need to improve on edges, they either seem to be too soft or choppy.  Also details/grit, looking at all my stuff here it seems way too flat and clean.

Value studies.  Also trying to figure out what brushes are.

Banging my head against the wall with this one.


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