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After having a discussion with some people on discord ,i think there is a confusion about gesture drawings and whats their purpose is in art, a lot of people see gestures as a warmup, throw away things, but i think that gesture drawing is a start towards proper construction and perspective. I would like to have different opinions here from people that are for and against gesture drawing, and people that have a lot of experience with it.

How does gesture relate to forms, perspective?

When to knows when the gesture is off?

How to add forms to gesture and not break them?

Feel free to add anything else , i want to get a discussion going.

Quote:How does gesture relate to forms, perspective?

Gesture is basically another word for design. I think most would agree gesture doesnt just apply to figures. You can design any visual element. Whether or not that element takes in to account perspective or proportions of real world objects depends on the artists goal. For instance the Coca-Cola logo is a design/gesture where as a photo realistic drawing copied exactly from reference is not.

Quote:When to knows when the gesture is off?

Its subjective and depends on the goal of the artist has for the design. Amit has a great video explaining the design elements and principles.

Quote:How to add forms to gesture and not break them?

Study the real life subject matter and learn perspective and proportions. Then its a matter of using principles of design to arrange elements with knowledge of the subject in mind.

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I was trying to work out what gesture was exactly for myself but I think Adam has hit the nail on the head with the word "design".

I mainly use gesture for figure drawing but I can see that it also applies beyond human figures.

My process typically begins with a gesture which I then construct anatomy on top of. The gesture will include information on proportion, orientation of the various bodily components, rough perspective information (foreshortening using wrapping lines etc ...) and a few landmarks (e.g. scapulae, clavicles).

Then I'll add musculature to the gesture trying to be faithful to it and not as you put it breaking the good work set up by the gesture. This is where it really helps to have a good visual library in your head so that you can spot any anatomical mistakes and correct them.

Just my thoughts, an interesting discussion, thanks for starting it up Hobitt.

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