Hi everyone, my name is Jonah, I'm 18 yrs old and from Germany.

I decided to start a sketchbook to improve my work so feel free to criticise everything. I would appreciate it!

Today I just did a few hands. It's not much but i will try to post as often as I can...

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Gaahh finally! Now we can draw together *.* no but seriously nice start haha just focus a bit more on the actual structure of the things you draw for excample anatomy (Loomis, Bammes and just studies like yours are great for that). Looking forward to seeing mooooreee <3
Btw really nice penwork when did that happen : O so cool

So yeah ... I was ill last week and I didn' t draw that much ...

But here are some perspective studys ... a head out of wood I drew this week ... and some creases studys I did today.
Fell free to criticise!
I'm sorry for the bad quality, I will work on this ... 

And I will start with Bammes in the next days ^^

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Waahhh! Those studies are so sexy where are the updates i wanna see mooorree <3

Hey nice to see you around here

I really look forward, to see new, cool stuff :D
So yeah hi ... 
I know I'm very inactive and I need to kick my ass, but it's very hard for me to start from 0 to 100 ...
so I decided to post each week at least once and then try to increase my posting until I post each day maybe ^^

Hi Knopfkarter, I will try ^^ and thanks :D

For now I just have some faces I did today ...

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Aaaaand I'm again very sorry for the bad quality -.-
When I got some money I will buy a scanner ...
Yaaass I'll kick your ass too ya know haha xd Just keep posting at your own pace and draw regularely then everyting will turn out fine <3

I like your perspective studies! Also, it's awesome that you're practicing facial expressions (I need to do that more!). And don't worry about scanning! I just take photos of my sketchbook pages in a room with good lighting and I think the quality doesn't look too bad. I usually have to adjust the contrast after taking the photo of my page though.


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