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This weeks brief by MetaShinryu - His sketchbook found !HERE!

Character of the Week #1
Mythology, Religion, Faith, all these things have been a constant of mankinds ever onward march towards the future, but now, in the future a new messiah has come, born of both belief and technology, have they come to condemn or to provide salvation with their technomagic

>> Musical Inspiration <<

Design a humanoid to encapsulate both religious and technological imagery, no limitations on technology or religion.

OK, I think I'm done with this one, I don't want to spend too much time on it. It is what it is! I hope you like it! I didn't come up with a story for this one, I just started doing little thumbs with pull brushes and just followed some of the shapes that stood more for me. More info in the WIP thread :)

Good luck you all!

Why such colorful staff you ask? I still wanted to incorporate some central american religious symbolism :D. Those stuffs are super colorful. Don't know if it works but I tried!

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Here's my submission for the finals, it was a really fun competiton and I enjoyed participating. Thanks for setting it up and everyone else who participated, really enjoyed watching your work :)

The Iron Saviour of the Ice Clans.

The civilized people of the southern lakes say that the northern savages' will to survive won them the favor of a lesser elemetal god, who gave it's life to be with the people it loved. As the savages themselves do not have a word for love their account is, unsurprisingly, not the same. 

According to them the great chief Huldran decapitated the metal monster during honorable combat and hid the head so that the beast can not wake. Out of the open throat a steady stream of iron is pouring into cold air, providing heat for frostbitten fingers and metal for swords. 

A band of adventurers has been spotted in the northern wild, and rumors say that they are looking for the head. Will the barbarians help or hinder them in recovering the lost artefact? Will the saviour be made hole again and will it take revenge on the people that took it's head? Or is it just a barbarian myth?

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My entryyy:

Anput, Goddess of Burial and Funerals

My headcanon: this chick only appears on the eve of genocide or general mass destruction. haha, yeah

Cleanup duty.

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Here's my submission. This was a lot of fun and got me out of my comfort zone a bit.
I only put a few hours into this last night and today and there's a lot more rendering and details and maybe a little more advanced lighting that should happen.
I'm still pretty happy with things so far and hopefully I'll take it to a final level of polish later.


In the godless, misguided year of 4054. The techno cults of the southern hemisphere have united behind a new creation. Behold! The Iron Savior, both singular and many, made by man, yet here to save him. Adored in the chains of oppression, it takes upon itself the sins of our world.
The populous rallies behind the new being, it's sermons reach the untold depths of their hearts and the imagery of it's proclamations spurns the people into action.

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Damn, I'm well past the deadline this time. Sorry. Here's the final I've been working on. I wanted a big mass of people trying to take down their "saviour" and being converted as they approach it, but at a certain point I lost the feel for the perspective and things started to get wonky so I went back to an earlier stage.

Edit: Did an update. I'll spoiler it since it isn't within the timelimit no matter how you try to spin it.

Project / Sketches / Paintings
Not sure if I'm too late but here's my submission:

[Image: 8PgDvCw.jpg]


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