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Happy New Year! (albeit rather delayed), still alive and kicking. Apologies for not posting the last few months, ended up suffering from really bad burn out and depression so I decided to just take a break from art as a whole whilst re-evaluating things, caught up with friends, got into indoor climbing. 

Wasn't 100% sure if I still wanted to pursue art career wise but truthfully can't see myself doing anything else so I felt like it was time to get back into things. Set myself a goal this year to be more active online and in the community with posting my work and talking to others, whilst trying to find a better work/life balance. I was also going to just think over the next year if there is anything else apart from art that I'd like to do career wise incase things don't plan out but trying not to rush things.

Anyway enough blabbering, playing catch up here so I'll be posting some older stuff along with new stuff.

Old Work

Here are the final painting studies from the GCA orientation class.

Invented Sphere

Lemon Study

Lemon under painting



New Work

I've been spending some time the last couple of weeks trying to learn blender. Thought it would be good to learn to help me set up scenes for illustrations like interior shots, and outdoor scenes with lots of buildings etc, that way I don't have to mess around with griding these scenes by hand and worry if the perspective is correct.

Bought a couple of classes on Udemy so I've just been working through them.


Singed up for another class at foundation art school, this time bridgeman anatomy

Loving the updates! Great job with the lemon studies, you nailed the lighting and textures there. Nice to see you experimenting with Blender as well, those renders look great! Keep it up!

cgmythology - Thanks man! :) Need to attempt making my own objects/scene in blender, so far I've just been following along with the courses I bought and doing the homework, probably cant remember half of the commands haha.

Just a small update. Just getting back into the swing of things, probably wont have the same output as I used to have since I'm still trying to find a nice work/life balance.

Leg Anatomy

Some Bridgeman leg studies, mainly focused on the knee since I still find it rather confusing.


A spooky interior shot of a corridor as part of the assignments from the udemy course I'm working through. Main focus of this assignment was to address uv mapping of textures for the scene. 

A family member has asked me to create a illustration for a book cover her group are putting together so I thought this would be a good opportunity to try and use blender and see what I can do, just need to get back into painting and have some practice since it's been awhile.

Nice anatomy studies! Loving the latest blender piece, excellent incorporation of lighting with great atmosphere, nicely done!


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