Weekly critique partnerships and feedback @ discord
Hi! A friend and I have started a discord group to do art meetings once a week and keep our progress in check.
Our intention is that we meet once a week on discord for voice chat and share our work, this is what we intend to reach with this studying ritual by sharing different bulletpoints during the meeting:
- We share what we've been doing during the week (art)
- What we found during the week for our process, share our ah-ah! moments
- What we struggled with and what goals we set out to achieve until the next art meeting
- Critiques and paintovers
- Set goals to achieve until the next art meeting
This is mostly working to keep us inspired to go on, say, if we tell our partners that we'll do 100 drawings until next week and only present 2 in the next art meeting, then we'll feel bad, so it keeps our procrastination in check.

Anyone is free to join on our discord link, the meetings happen at 16PM of GMT timezone on Mondays.

Disclaimer: Note we arent a huge group with a large group of members, who are constantly active through the week, instead we are a group who meets at the date and time given above for the live art meet. We reach peak discord activity during that time and we go off to do our work and keep progressing after the feedback sessions are done.

Here's an example of a critique I gave to my current partner on the art meeting, he was struggling with visual language for his gun designs so I took some extra time I had on my hands to visualize some help better:

Discord link to join, feel free to drop by and introduce yourself if you think this system can benefit you, we'd love to have an art assembly of sorts:
Could you post a newer link? the current one is expired.

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