Lakai's Sketchbook [NSFW]
Hey. I'm Marcel. I miss the old times, feels kinda dead to post stuff just on instagram..
That's the reason why I'm here now :).
Gonna start with some recent work, have fun.

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All that stuff looks great! That werewolf is especially cool.
Reminds me of the Spawn comic book.
I hope I get on your level someday before my body is cold.

Waiting for the rest.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
ah cool, this forum seems to be very alive.  

@SufferDriver thx m8 you'll be there just takes patience. I'm pretty happy with how the wolf turned out. It looks way more dynamic then my other work, always had and still have the problem that my stuff kinda feels dead and stiff.

@Gliger thx :)

@Darktiste more to come :)

I always like to see this before after comparison paintings. Tried that yesterday for myself. It's funny how different your art gets over time. I'm sorta glad with the progress, even though after 8 years it should be way better :D.

First one started out of boredom, thought the idea is kinda cool.. but actually it rather sucks. I like the look and feel though.

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Stuff looks good. Obviously been working hard a long time. I like the diablo type character at the bottom, even the old one is cool because I dig the harsher lighting.  just my personal taste you know?
I dont really have any business giving crits, but I will say I see what you mean about feeling a little stiff. I obviously have that same problem. 
I dont know if this will help but my gameplan to cut out the hours and hours looking for references is this, I downloaded a program called Zbrush and downloaded a few free rigs off gumroad, so you can mess with the pose and lighting and camera angles super quick so you can explore a bunch of options in like a few minutes rather than like I said just hunting for better refs.
Sorry for that big ass ramble.
Thanks m8, yea man I love Zbrush, actually tried what you've suggested before, it was a bit slow for my taste. Anyways gonna try that again. Maybe I'm just not used to it.

Here's a viking dude I'm working on at the moment.
Plus some old piece. Gonna sprinkle in some of these grannies from to time to time :D.

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