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George and ShinOkami - Thank you! ^^

So, not being able to continue my ever-growing comic sagas, I remembered an unbridled totally improvised comedy comic I made at the time, which I had plans to transform into something during prehistoric times and keep it as very short episodes. Here is the first attempt.

Yup, I know the technique and quality is totally inconsistent, please bear with me while I try to settle into something. And the big text is intentional, it's for tiny vertical phone screens from hell. No landscape :(

Also, when AI is too smart for its own good:

I never knew I would enjoy animating things until I tried. Here are the key frames, or what I believe are the key frames, of a draft sequence. There must be a bunch of things wrong with it and I only perceive some of them.

The frames:

This one is terribly bad but hilarious, so I'm sharing it:

Another one:

Lol, loving your work :D Yay comics and animations!


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Nice work with the animations. They look... alive!


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