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Kassatay : thanks, i'll try to spend more and more time on my paintings but right now i'm more in the process of doing rather short ( 30 minutes) paintings while trying to really focus and visualize ! overtime will do full illustrations ^^ will study anatomy way more in march, i'll have more free time, right now super busy !

Zorrentos : thanks bro, always reminding me the good stuff ! really need to get that law of diminution in my lazy brain ...

Today has been a really stressful day, cumulating too much sleep deprivation, tried to chill while drawing but was frustrated by silly mistakes i was doing, i think it's time to go to sleep, will do better tomorrow ...

Good to see you've been keeping up since the last time I was in here.

Not much to crit from me as others have covered stuff, but just be aware that the scapula(shoulder blade) is a floating piece of bone that is only held to the ribcage via muscle. That means that when your arm is pulled forward, so too does the scapula move forward along with the collarbone. Don't be afraid to play around with that flexibility when you're drawing poses. It'll keep your figures look less like action figures and more like human beings.
You know about the hand challenge?You can add it to your daily routine if you want more variety and don't know what to draw.

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Eny : thanks for the crit, scapula's placement is actually a pain for me, it'm trying to understand how it moves around the ribcage but it seems that it's really a complicated area for me ! will work this out  !

Darktiste : Hey, i didn't know about this thing, checked it out and seems interesting to do the 100 hand challenge, might give it a try soon !

Completely forgot to post yesterday, i'm positive to covid and the only symptom i have is just strong fatigue, so trying to take more breaks but still weak mentally ... sticking to my routing no matter what ...

still trying to figure out how to simplify the body into basic forms, still have issues with legs ...

a painting of a friend i did on her ipad pro, trying procreate ...

took a bit more on this one, around 1 hour, benn struggling with the lips, especially edges, couldn't get the right thing on my canvas, frustrating sometimes ...

Bro so sorry to hear about the covid result. Hope you're doing okay!
Really loving your art btw. In terms of the lips, maybe try studying how other painters use their edges to define form? Lips are always tricky (especially cause there's so many variations between each person) so practising painting them from different angles might help you feel more confident in your future pieces.

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So much improvement in a really short time! I really admire your consistent efforts ^_^ looking at your last self portrait without knowing about your struggles with it, it looks really awesome, clean and as if you intended it like that all along. I'd count it as a victory even if it didn't turn out just like you wanted ^_^

Hoping you have a smooth and speedy recovery!

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Chubby_cat: Thanks ! i'm putting "lips studies" in my long list of things i have to study ^^

JyonnyNovice: Thanks a lot, really appreciate this kind of comment ! i don't really see improvment but your kind comment motivates me even further !

today's stuff : decided to put some values over a previous drawing to work on my value , spent a bit more time about an hour and half, it seems i'm more and more at ease with longer sessions and can hold my focus longer, which is great !

great portrait studies, I like the dramatic lighting you use on most of them. For your anatomy you might benefit from adding more "rythym" to your lines . Some of the lines look a bit wobbly whereas for good rythm/flow you want strong, sweeping, deliberate lines. Loomis goes over rythym in one of his books, I forget which but I found some free pdfs of his stuff a few years back. You could also do gesture drawing (proko has good videos) to improve in that area. Your last drawing (with the skull bloke the viewer is looking down on) actually does a lot better in regards to this.

Skeffin : thanks for your critic ! i actually find that if i focus too much on construction, then i loose the gesture and rhythm, but if i focus too much on rhythm i loose the solidity of the form ! think i need to learn to combine both ! need to study a lot more !

today's stuff, was actually too sick yesterday to do anything, think it was the peak of illness, feeling better today !

today's stuff : applying what i learned yesterday about lips and form in general, and tried to draw several characters in the same space in my sketchbook. I'm feel like i'm better using the space in my paper compared to the first sketchbook pages where everything was scattered with tons of empty space ! i feel like i can draw and paint faster, it seems i need less attempts to get what i want  to draw or paint( shape, volume, pers or color), even though there are still huge mistakes, but it's still feeling like an improvment so quite glad !

today's stuff : finally reached 200 boxes, doodling from mind while enjoying the last days of winter and playing with body's range of motion in sketchbook !

Great job man! You are on a roll! I had a few thoughts and ideas about your latest landscape sketch! Maybe they can be
of some help! : )

You have a really nice sense of line on those characters. :) Just be mindful that one hand is half the size of the face, as a rule of thumb.
Quote: thanks for your critic ! i actually find that if i focus too much on construction, then i loose the gesture and rhythm, but if i focus too much on rhythm i loose the solidity of the form ! think i need to learn to combine both ! need to study a lot more !
ah just keep banging out those anatomy and gesture studies like you're doing anyway and you'll improve in no time. Those boxes you're drawing too will also really help with drawing the figure in perspective. 

Also can't believe you're working through covid, some people's work ethics are insane haha. Hope you're on the mend

(03-06-2021, 04:57 AM)Dominicque Wrote: You have a really nice sense of line on those characters. :) Just be mindful that one hand is half the size of the face, as a rule of thumb.
 Is it though?

"Your art has same face syndrome"

"Yeah, and yours has same tits syndrome, you don't see anyone complaining..."
Zorrentos : thanks bro, your OP are always on top !

Dominicque : thanks for your suggestion but i acutally think the hand is just slightly smaller than the face, will check it out though ^^

Skeffin : haha thanks, i had to stop for a few days though, so in the end dunno if it's a good idea to push myself this way !

RottenPocket : man your signature made me laugh ^^

I'm back . Stuff from the last 2 days, started this 100 hands challenge, doing 1 page from life ( left ) and one page from mind ( right ) !

Those hands are great , I wouldn't be able to tell that the ones from the right aren't from imagination

Wow! Your hand studies are amazing! Also your human posture studies, your clean lines and your use of color! I really love your recent work!  

Keep it up! It's amazing!
Hey man,
love your stuff especially your figure drawings and hands. Motivates me to work harder on my studies!
What is this 100 hands challenge about?

Keep up the good work!
Skeffin : thanks ! It means my drawings from life are as bad as from imagination, gotta work twice harder now :D

Kaiko : thanks man !

Zyntic_Max : thanks ! good to hear it motivates you ! the 100 hands challenge is something i've seen on internet , i think on the youtube channel new art academy but not sure, juste made my own version anyway with half from life and half from imagination ^^

well recently i've been slacking off a bit, had a hard time to find balance between life and art ! at least i've been able to finish the 250 boxes challenge, man it was something ...


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