Jo! - Sketches and finals
Hello folks, 

I guess it's time to post some of my artwork. I'm glad to see this site to be still alive, who cares about People makes places great, not numbers or titles.

Without further talk, 2 of my recents, I'll see to add more and better stuff in future.. 
I wish a nice Christmas to everyone 

[Image: 7uEo2aH.jpg]
[Image: Drv6i1B.jpg]
Hey Jo - welcome to Crimson Daggers!

I take it you are a refugee from We've had a few people from there in recent months.

Nice start here - some intriguing creature designs :) are they your own original characters?

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CD Sketchbook

Hi Jo, welcome to Crimson Daggers! I'm pretty new here myself but it seems like a really nice community so far.

The second piece is great. I really love the tight, stylized rendering. If I'm not mistaken it looks like you started with a really tight line art and then added the rendering while preserving the shapes. Also the overall designs of the character/creature, color choices, lighting, and perspective looks masterful, to me at least.

Good luck to you on your art journey!
@Artloader and @tchangchang

Thanks a lot to both of you for your warm welcome!!
artists simply need their own kind to be happy, no matter what,

I was missing honest artistic people who love to crush goals because united by similar needs ! was a pretty nice place in regards

General artforums are messy and less friendly in my experience.. Anyways, I was so free and told them from my experience and they got a bad feeling because of my honesty. Heh, good stuff isn't easy to get, their business if they can't appreciate my opinions. Anyway,

Usually I start with the mythical Alchemy drawing app, Import it into krita and work out some drawings. All stuff you will see are original characters.. I'd get goosebumps to draw other stuff! Ok doable, but less fun.. Developing original ideas takes some time but helps to upgrade our own ideas.. Love that stuff

"it looks like you started with a really tight line art and then added the rendering while preserving the shapes"

Yes, in my opinion it's fundamentally important to keep the original idea and to build on top as best as we can. You were right. I just wanted to make sure every part reads well and then move on,  instead to flip out with perfection, which comes alone if we fight for it
Thanks very much for your compliments and wishes,

I hope we see us again around here!
Hey buddy! Welcome to the forums! 

I hope you don't mind, but I had some ideas while I was looking at your first image that came to mind. I made a very quick overpaint and took some notes that you may findd useful:

Hop it helps! Looking forward to see where you take this sketchbook! :)


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