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These are all from around a year or two ago.

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Nice start here dude, great imagination - what the story around that one point perspective pen drawing?

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(01-03-2021, 07:24 AM)Artloader Wrote: Nice start here dude, great imagination - what the story around that one point perspective pen drawing?
Thanks! I did it in my senior year of high school when I was facing a lot of stress from all facets of my life. I felt surrounded by negativity and fear, I couldn't sleep very well.

So I combined my perspective project and my monsters together to try to convey how hopeless I felt then.

Excellent start here, very creative work as mentioned. Looking forward to seeing you progress even more on your journey!

Another high school piece, I'm thinking I'll post my studies to imgur and download them from there since the pictures of my sketchbook pages are giving me trouble  Doh

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Please don't make yourself a disservice by making it less convinent for people to see your work.There is a file size limit a good option is to turn your image into a JPEG using photoshop if you can.

As far as i can tell your work you shown so far is falling into the abstract do you have any interest in the realistic side of art?

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(01-04-2021, 07:45 AM)darktiste Wrote: Please don't make yourself a disservice by making it less convinent for people to see your work.

I wasn't trying to do that, it's more of a note for myself since the images I upload were already on my computer from years past. Since I don't have Photoshop my idea was to upload the images from my phone to imgur and download them onto my computer since downloading JPEGs from my email aren't working

These are mostly school projects. The picture of the creature in blue ballpoint pen is more representative of normal sketches. I guess you could say I'm semi-realistic with a touch of surrealism - I tend to orbit around concept art since I usually have a lot of ideas.

Finally got it to work. Fun stuff is coming.

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wow that 1-point perspective piece is completely bananas! in a good way ;) You have a great grasp of textures and the composition is very pleasing. I feel like this would make an awesome poster to hangup on a wall or something!

Do you mind if I ask what kind of pen you use? I can see it peeking in the corner there but I can't reading the writing. Just wondering cause I dabble in pen drawing a bit but I've only used ball point so far.

By the way if you take pictures with your phone there are free apps that can convert to jpeg and/or resize on the phone which may make it a lot faster to upload. Google drive also has a free app to convert to jpeg if you right click on the image and select "open with > photo editor". Just somethings I figured out in the past couple weeks when I started posting here that might be helpful :)

Great start, keep at it!
A great misconception about concept art is that it about idea but when you dive more into what exactly it is it about developping an idea.It not just about a great idea it about creating a range of design for a team so that they have enough choose to pick the best option this mean create a range of design that fit a brief.But that more a definiton close to what a professional is task with.Anyone who as idea they want to develop will take on the role of a concept artist for a short period of time.What make the difference between a good and a bad concept artist is probably that a concept artist can give much more visual solution to a brief than a none concept artist could.Basicly you should be able to turn something boring into something interesting that still fit the constraint you or a team as laid down.This mean that you need clarity in your design to a certain degre this doesn't mean you cannot go outside the box but it a fineline one as to learn to deal with.But when it come to constrait in the work it mostly a question of who set the limit and the style.For example let say your the concept artist on the movie alien compare to being a concept artist on let say a historic movie those are example.Sci fi is a great medium aswell as horror if you want to expand toward more semi-realistic with a touch of surrealism also being your own boss will probably be necessary if you think about going pro that my feeling but i can be wrong about that.

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Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.
(01-04-2021, 09:37 AM)tchangchang Wrote: Do you mind if I ask what kind of pen you use? I can see it peeking in the corner there but I can't reading the writing. Just wondering cause I dabble in pen drawing a bit but I've only used ball point so far.

Its a Sakura Pigma micron and the 6 packs are my life blood. Here it is on Amazon.

Late night sketches

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Playing with my gray tone markers here - mental note to actually organize these and not chuck them back into marker hell.

You ever just have those yuck days? My bitch back is my mental and figurative ex wife.

By the way, I'm not on any fast track to a career. This is purely my hobby - though calling it a hobby feels minimal, rather a path in my life, an escape to a place where I can throw my ideas out and they bounce back at me. My reason for wanting to get better isn't to impress or wow, it's more like learning a language for me and I want to be fluent. I want to be understood in this world and art has given me the means to do that. So no matter how much I toil and struggle through Loomis or any other study books, I know at the end of the day that I will understand it. Whether it takes days or months to take it in, I will do it. I just want to replicate the beauty of this world and have it translate through my ideas as best as possible. I want to be good at art because it makes me so happy to just do it and the more I understand, more I can do.

Would it be nice to do what I love? Of course! It isn't necessary though and seeing how oversaturated the art business is, I'll always keep an eye out. I'm fine with art consuming my life because it fills me with joy, not because I know it's leading to an opportunity. Without creating any art, there would be a large void in me - every facet of my life has something to do with art for me.

Anyways, that was my medicated rambles for tonight. Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!

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This one's actually quite old, well more like junior year of hs I suppose.

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I love the creativity of your work, but it could use some improvements with the fundamentals. For example, the last cat drawing of yours need to be based more on proper cat/animal anatomy. Study some anatomy diagrams and proper reference before you start your drawing. 

Good work and keep posting!  Thumbs_up

Thanks man! I love your work!

The cat back when I drew it was completely from imagination. It's definitely a bad habit. Maybe later I'll do some animal studies - I'm kinda all over the map on my fundamentals due to being self taught.

I'll have to see the time I have today - I might finally celebrate Christmas with my family.

Pointless rambling aside - thanks for the feedback man!

-- By the way if I post any sketch pages don't take it as I didn't take your advice, definitely doing some feline studies either today or tomorrow

Hey @Zorrentos, quick question - what area's would you specifically need work?

I really like the way you expressed your desire to learn art to know a language to express your thoughts. I think a lot of us artists start out that way, we have this image in our heads that we want to see brought to life in front of us... at least that's how it started out for me. Important thing is to always keep that at the back of our minds for motivation when grinding through the studies or other challenges.

Thanks for letting me know the Micron pens! I definitely want get into inking sometime soon, but there's so much to learn and so little time :/

As far as the cat drawing if you're interested in improving the anatomy and proportions I would suggest trying to draw a few cats from life to get an idea of how the head size relates to the body, legs, etc. And also try and draw the cat skeleton also to study the proportions. Then I would go back and try to draw a few cat skeletons (simplified skeletons that is, more for construction than anatomical detail) from imagination and then try to put flesh on top of it which will help you make sure the structure is sound. Hope that helps.

In general what I've heard about animal drawing it that is is very good to first learn how to draw humans and then translate the same skills to animal because the basic ingredients (bones, muscles, body parts, etc) are the same just the shapes and proportions vary considerably. A great place to start if you're interested is Proko's figure drawing videos on youtube (or dozens of others as well).

Also what are your art goals? Are you trying to improve in the art fundamentals? The advice above it generic advice on improving figure drawings fundamentals but what you should focus on really depends on what you want out of your art.

Keep at it, looking forward to seeing more :)
I started learning early without any real education in art. So a lot of my mistakes come from the fact that I skipped around on the fundamentals and reinforced my mistakes. That's why I like these kinds of places.

In fact I started learning animals before humans, though I misjudged where I was in learning anatomy. So I'm all backwards and around I guess you could say.

There's a lot of short term goals I'd like to meet in my art. Nailing the fundamentals down for once would be good.

A long term goal(and hopefully I'm not misunderstanding for meaning of goal) for my art is more well formed and better understood style. I'm into concept artists and I like the way they format their ideas. They're just so easily understood, you know? I'm no where near it, I know that - I feel like my ideas are stunted by my lack of knowledge, I feel illiterate sometimes.

I just like creating things, I want to see if I can make a monster of out of three men holding a flag joined together, with their skin flash frozen like those people from Pompeii. Can I make a helmet completely based off the shape of my shampoo bottle? What a does a quaint homey cottage look like if it's been stuck in post apocalyptic Russia? 

I want to do all these things - but I can't. The image is in my head is perfect but my hand is defective.

Laments aside, I'll take your advice on using simple skeletons - thanks! What I want from my art is clear thought, I want to be able illustrate to people my ideas and have them come across plainly without any confusion as to what it is they're looking at. Whether it's an illustrated story or cobbled together ideas, people should be able understand what it is, an animal, a person, a building, a piece of armor, a world, you get the idea.

A list would be
  • Fundamentals
  • Basic anatomy
  • Figure drawing
  • Architecture
  • Environments
  • Form
  • Objects in a 3d space
  • Shading
I wish I could reset my memory on drawing.

If you want to focus on the most bare-bones fundamentals and reinvent your art, then you may want to start with the Scott Robertson books How to draw and then How to Render and work your way up from there. These books will teach you to place objects in 3D space, and will give you a nice ground to stand on and build upon.

Your art isn't bad in any way, but it lacks professionalism and it reminds me of "high school art" as Feng Zhu once said, where you have the ideas, but you lack the fundamentals (Not saying this to demean you, but IMO, this term is very good and describes whats usually wrong in a more amateurish portfolio).

Keep posting and working, and you will take big leaps in ability in no time! I am looking to do the same this year!


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