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Hey Guys, been awhile since I last posted (literally years at this point, time flies D:) was thinking about this place recently and wanted to post a little update.

Started working in house at an outsourcing studio 7ish months ago, It's been really great so far. Working alongside other artists every day has been pretty life changing. It's nice to know all the years of studying, long hours in my room alone weren't for nothing.

Anyway here's some artworks from the past year or so, I hope you're all well, especially given the current state of the world. If any of you guys want to keep up, I have a discord group I'm pretty active in

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I love how RAW your brushwork is, how just rugged and charming at the same time it all is :) I get a lot of rapoza and azevedo vibes lookin at it! congrats on the job, i bet its fun; your shapes are on point, keep doin what youre doin its amazing!

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Whoa! All your pieces look amazing. beautiful strong colors and shapes. I think that guy with the pig is my favorite

I am glad you could make it into the industry and i hope you will find the time to give back to the community.

Would i be wrong to say your a sculptor to?

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Hey man - welcome back - nearly 3 years since the last update! Hope it's not another 3 till the next one!

Awesome work - love the brush economy!

Looking forward to more!

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