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29/04/2014 - Re-read through my sketchbook, Damn was I sleep deprived with most my post write ups -_-
Hey I'm Russell. Joined because I really want to improve, and this seem's like a good supportive place. I currently have about half a month of school left. After school I should be posting a lot more, I'll still be doing a bit of stuff until then though.

I've only really worked in grey scale, I want to get to color but I don't feel confident enough in my values yet.

April Studies



Most Recent Personal


Did horrible on proportions on a few other pictures angled, So I tried a striaght on picture to do a quick-ish study. I better start up on more face studies as It's a bit rough for me at the moment.

Anyone got tips on making the most of studies? and how best to study proportions (I'm guessing it will come to me after I finish more studies, I've done several seen on my DA for human bodies a few months ago, but haven't done faces much yet.)

Facebook cover photo from my prior post, ha
Great start! Keep pushing those anatomy studies!
Thanks Man will try!, Those studies there helped me with basic anatomy, But there is still alot of room for improvement.

Some older and semi newer stuff, been real busy this weekend with school work (only 10 days left to submit, crunch time!) and helping out my grand parents since my grandfather had a heart attack so haven't had much time for art. This is stuff that went nowhere, most didnt have too much time put into it. Thought I'd upload something atleast.


Hope everyone's doing good!
Been real busy with school but I had some time to practice a bit. Should be getting to more art this weekend, Gonna work on a few studies.

It's Friday!

Will be updating this post as I work.

Here's a face study I just finished, Need to get facial features and the likes stuck in my brain. Also first time switching the image horizontally, helped me straighten it out a lot, was completely lopsided to the right before ha.

Noticed my lighting on the forehead doesnt make sense, should have made the top area of the forehead lightened as well.

Study off of a picture of Megan Fox, Doesnt really have too much likeness though. Not a great one, didn't spend too much time on the sketch and it turned ok (my line sketches arent to amazing as it is)

Took a few hours off, and came up with something from my imagination.


btw anyone have any tips on making backgrounds? (I rarely work at 100% opacity so some area's are opaque, and my background goes through the whatever I painted in some parts)
hey theres some big progress to some of the deviant art work ! keeping working hard man and we can all see it work in the long run :)
Thanks Man, Trying for sure.

Damn...I'm disapointed, I started overlay on my previous imagination face, added a a few face colors and painted from there. Little did I know I was using the smaller image for this forum. Unfortunately it looks low quality on my facebook page, and I guess I dont have the option to get it printed if I wanted to.


anyway feel more comfortable with color painting now. just a shame one of my first good personal paintings cant have much done with it.


tried painting over it a bit, helped a bit. It's aite though. My first color painting, more will come.

Last one for tonight (well its 4am now lol) real tired and was just sketching a helmet type thing over a face i did earlier.

NIce work, can already see you making progressive steps throughout your work here. Keep going!!
Thanks Man, Need to do alot more though!

I have one provincial exam in the next week or two, and then im completely free. Been analyzing alot of photo's, and others art when I'm not painting.
Study Sketches

some of it is old, newest being the dude with the gun in the middle. It was for school, Teacher was pretty cool to allow me to do sketches as an assignment.
reference used on it all, tried making them quickly.
Good to see you working hard, the helemt over the face is cool, keep at it!
Im seeing major improvement. Try to seperate your characters from the background some more. They tend to blend into the background a little bit. Keep working hard.
Thanks for the replies, I like the helmet, but the glass isn't so great, and I'm seein' that too M-rehsart, needa get more extreme values.

Elephant gas mask dude and the Big T kid(wip) are from my imagination, Tried studyin a raven but I didn't do to well on feathers and decided to leave it were i was at.
Tried doing a few studies, but my lines were really off today, I'll try those ones again tomorrow. Watched some ctrl-paint videos and learned some usefull things I ought to try tomorrow aswell, I think my studies have been to 'general', Not focusing on certain things such as structure, or lighting.



I'm having issues with my lines, Been trying studies but im ridiculously off, Been dooing drills of just drawing lines and circles to get my arm flowing. if anyone has any usefull tips that'd be awesome.


Just been workin on that so far today after I got frustrated with studies.
Some gestures from this morning, and a still life.



I've been saving up for another tablet(been using a Bamboo), Think I'm going to order an Intous 5 this coming week :).

I've got a bamboo one, really wanna switch to an intuos also, gotta get the money though, let me know how it goes switching from the old to the new. Good job on the gestures and life study, keep working at it and you'll see great improvements!


Hey man, thanks for visiting my sketchbook. :)

Aanyway, you have a good thing going on here, the studies look good and you definetely should continue doing them.

Also, one point that I think would help you improve is if you made some lighting studies.
You know, take a screenshot of your favorite movie/from the internet, turn it to grayscale and start copying it. I think you would notice and learn a lot of things, now your values are looking a little bit flat, missing the key highlights and darks.

Keep it up man!
Thanks for sharing some advice Vablo, I'll try some movie screens out sometime soon. deffinately agree, I need to push the lighting and color.

Past while I havent been doing as much as I should, But I've gotten into a routine of doing a bit more every day. I find I'm spending way to much time on finishing things, Dude with the mini hat took a few hours D: Maybe it's because I'm still learning/trying new things as I go im not sure.

Sketchy Stuff

and a wip

Honestly a little aggrevated at my progress, but that's what happens when you dont work hard enough. Ordered an intous5 and it'll be here in a few weeks, looking forward to that.
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