Ronya's sketchbook
This is my story very very briefly(click). Though I'm a great deal attracted to the look of old school fantasy paintings, I love all kinds of styles and media. Some of my art waifu In love : Wilhelm Kotarbiński, Mikhail Vrubel, Alex Brock, Yoshitaka Amano

It's really exciting to start this sketchbook and I want to open it with my favourite works - you know, because they will be the first thing I see in thread

Today I have participated in virtual plein air during the stream of Rinat Khabirov. There was time limit of 1 hour. Can't say it was a lot of analyzing from my side, the time limit was the only thing I could think of at the moment xD 
You see version with slight corrections that I did after feedback from Rinat

Welcome to the forums! I hope that you enjoy your stay and improve a lot! 

I did a small overpaint of your landscape. One thing you need to keep in mind is your values. They should go lighter as you recede further into the distance. You should also study composition a bit and see how you can place focal points and lead the eye around the picture. Maybe this video can help:

Keep it up! You should improve rapidly with regular study and feedback!  Thumbs_up

My overpaint:

Thank you, Zorrentos!o/ I do forget to to control values and never really practiced composition.
On the first glimpse the video is really informative! I will watch it more closely as soon as have time
Material studies from autumn of 2020, these were assignments during the mentorship I took. I wanted to post them in my portfolio on artstation, just in case some artdirector would notice and like them and would be like "hey cool balls, I have a job for you!" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
Personally, I love some of them, but others I don't(water both sphere and cube, ice pyramid, sphere of bark, glass). And I never polished the second complex figure made of water

other primitives

complex figures

Here is the second complex figure, I chose water cos in my opinion I had the least satisfying results with this material. 

I finished it already after mentorship. I showed it on more early stage to two people and they both couldn't recognize material and object. Water was supposed to be semi-transparent, but it doesn't look like this in most parts, maybe that's the problem with this work? Anyway, I want to repaint it one day, because I love the idea
trying to draw from life

the last pic is a practice I picked from art teachong video, its purpose is control the amount of brushstrokes. I tried to set the limit on 100. last two dozen were really hard and fun, like a real puzzle. I didn't expect to run out of strokes so fast x'D definitely gonna try it more
I got to swing by and really commend you on your material studies. Turning the wooden art mannequin into solid gold was very successful. I'll be referring to this thread to see what I should be doing, especially when I start seriously digitally painting. I'm still a novice, and those life studies are coming along VERY well.
Nice material studies, definitely inspiring me to do some as well.
Really nice studies RonyaSekira! I particularly love the material studies as well.

Smart move to get mentorship - a good way to turbo-charge your learning from what I hear - I would get one myself if I could afford it!

Keep it going!

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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