Hello Community!
Hi, I look forward to getting to know this forum a little better.
Art has been a hobby for years and I have been exercising sometimes more, sometimes less.
I hope this time my motivational flame will burn strong and I will make some steps forward with my art.

Another hobby I recently discovered is making little adventure games, so for that it would also contribute if I could make better backgrounds/sprites etc.

Apart fom that I have a dog - Name is Momo.

See ya around!

Hey Jana. Welcome to CD!
Looking forward to seeing your art. Don't forget to make a sketchbook :)

Sketchbook // Insta

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Sounds cool Jana,
Welcome to the forum
big task, but a cool project, getting all the assets together for an adventure game

my dogs name is Agape :P

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Hey, thanks, I will make a sketchbook when I have some more stuff to put in there.

Agape is such a cool and elegant name, I like it!

Hello Jana and Momo! Welcome to Crimson Daggers!

Good to have you aboard - do you have any art heroes in particular that you would like to aspire to?

In any case, all the best with your art adventure!

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CD Sketchbook

Oh, I have plenty of artist that I look up to. I think I could write a whole Blog about it, since I love talking about artist that I like. I made a map of my favorite artists a few years back, so I wont forget about them. And I guess this are still the ones I really like.

[Image: Wd6ejryl.png]
Recently I have also grown to love artist that make art for videogames. One that comes to my mind right away is "Hollowknight", wich was made by a two man team and has a cute, whimsical kind of art style that I really admire.

Who is your favorite artist?

Hey Jana, welcome! Looking forward to seeing your art and journey :) Making adventure games is the best! Hollow Knight is a very good-looking game yes! I'm sure you've also seen Ori and the Blind Forest, or even "lesser" artistic games such as Dustforce and Spelunky (also made by tiny teams).

Are you using Unity or some other editor to make those games?

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Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay, and looking forward to see where your art journey takes you!

Hey gerbenpasjes, I absolutly adore Ori and the Blind Forest. And Dustforce looks like a game I need to play.

I don´t have a programming background so I had to start with a beginner friendly engine. It is called Adventure Game Studio and very easy to use. But I would really like to learn how to use Unity or maybe Godot. If only a day had more than 24 hours..


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